Warm Weather Activities for Babies

Cold and rainy weather tend to mean most activities get moved indoors, but the appearance of warm weather and sunshine opens up a whole new world of options! Whether it’s your baby’s first, second, or third summer, there are plenty of new and exciting things you can introduce them to, both to help expand their understanding of the world and to get yourself out of the house! If hibernating during winter has led you to forget the possibilities that warm days bring, fear not! We have compiled a list of fun and safe activities so that you and your baby can make the most of the sunshine…

Picnic time!

Simple and fun, you don’t have to travel too far to make a successful picnic - if you’re too far from a park or green area, your own garden will do! The joy of picnics is eating outside of the usual setting, which takes away the formality of sitting down at a dining table. Picnics are also a great way to encourage more tummy time for young infants, as they can safely wriggle and crawl on the blanket without any concern that they might fall or injure themselves on errant furniture! And if you’re venturing further than your garden and worried about losing bits and bobs along the way, just attach a Multi-Use Product Holder to your backpack or pram to secure your important items!

Go to the Petting Zoo!

If your child is a fan of animals when it comes to songs and toys, the petting zoo is a perfect warm-weather upgrade! You can use all the noises and stories your child has learned from songs and books to give context to the real-life animals, which will not only be a thrilling experience, but also a good learning one, too!

Feed the Ducks!

Speaking of animals, you don’t even need to go so far as a petting zoo - the duck pond in your local park is its own adventure! Just make sure to feed the ducks grains and raw vegetables, like carrot sticks, rather than stale bread, as this can damage their digestive systems and contributes to algae growth which makes the pond water murky and unclean. And although you can still use animal calls and stories to enhance the experience, you must also remember to keep children from actually touching the ducks, which have not been vetted in the same way as petting zoo animals!

Get Gardening!

Warm weather is a great time to get out into the garden, and even more so for teaching little ones about plants and seasons! Involve very young children by letting them drop bulbs or seeds into soil, or helping to water the garden. A project plant is also a great way to bond with a child - choose a plant together and set it up in some soil, and track the progress and care together!