How to Celebrate Yourself in Small Ways

Parenting can be challenging work, no matter how wonderful your children are, and it’s important to take a moment from time to time to acknowledge how well you’re doing! Although there are two days in the calendar year devoted to recognising parents’ hard work, it can sometimes seem a bit thankless on the other 363... Read on to find out ways to take a moment and congratulate yourself on a job well done, because self validation and reward is just as important as external acknowledgement!

Nap Time for All

Running around caring for an infant is infinitely exhausting, and even after they settle down for a nap we often don’t use the moment to take a break, opting to finish off other tasks instead. Yes, the dishes need washing. But also yes, the dishes can wait! The rare moments that your little one is quietly napping are absolutely precious, and you should take advantage by having a little snooze yourself. Set yourself up nearby your baby’s sleeping area so you can be up at a moment's notice, and then take a few moments to rest for yourself, too.

One for Baby, One for You

Many of the lovely things we do for our children can be extended to ourselves - and we don’t just mean finishing off your toddler’s leftover dinner! Think about the things you do for your child and how you can simultaneously do them for yourself. For example, if you’re giving your baby a soothing massage, there’s no reason you can’t give yourself one, too! There’s a reason that our massage oil is called Mother & Baby Massage Oil…This one is not only a reward for yourself, but an excellent way to bond with your baby! For more information on how and why to massage your baby, check out our previous blog!

Affirmations, Affirmations, Affirmations

Although many milestones for babies are well-known and celebrated, we do not take enough time to notice the small successes, often getting stuck on what we did wrong rather than recognising what we did well! Take a moment at the end of the day to think about what you’ve done, and acknowledge the accomplishments - no matter how small! Did you manage to cook a healthy meal? Read a full picture book to your baby? Great! Did you get through the day without tearing your hair out? Amazing! Give yourself the recognition you deserve; parenting isn’t easy and you’re doing a wonderful job!

Look After Yourself

Looking after your own wellbeing is essential in child rearing, as you need to be at your best in order to give your child the best, too! Try and take a moment for yourself every day to take stock of your physical self, and either do some stretches or simply go outside and breathe some fresh air - you’ll be amazed how something so little can make such a big difference to your mood and energy! 

Whatever you do, just remember to congratulate yourself for a hard job well done - raising children isn’t easy, but each day that you’re doing it is its own success!