Article number:

MM-SC-FLT-001 &  MM-DSC-005


It has come to our attention that the teething accessory product soother clips included in ‘Flat Lion Teether & Soother Clip Set’ and ‘Lion & Giraffe Double Soother Clips’, do not meet the Matchstick Monkey usual high standards for safety.


Our products are regularly safety tested including this product, however during production a small quantity of the item have missed a welding process step.

This can lead to a small part being able to break away from the strap and posing a risk of being ingested.


Please note this is limited to the following batch numbers only:

  • v2107, v2212, v2210, v2207

The issue has been resolved for any productions from 2023 onwards.

With the safety of our customers at the forefront of our minds we are conducting a voluntary recall and invite you to return this product for a full refund. Please contact us under

 May 2024