5 Tips for Keeping Your Baby Cool in Summer

With changeable summer weather motivating you to get out for fresh air one minute and running for cover from rain the next, making sure your child is comfortable can be a challenge. With warm temperatures even under a light drizzle, the usual solutions of layers and waterproofs can get sweaty and uncomfortable very quickly! Though finding the perfect solution might seem taxing, if you follow these tips you’ll feel ready to prepare for the day ahead with ease!


1. Think About Timing

With the weather changing at the drop of a hat, it can be tricky to work out timing for a day’s activities. Where possible, avoid taking your child out in the hottest hours of the day, between 11am and 4pm. If you do need to go out at these times, make sure you’ve got a parasol or shade and plenty of water handy! Check the weather forecast for an idea of what you’re likely to face throughout the day, and plan flexibly around it!


2. Seek Out Shade

If you can’t find shade under a tree or awning, you can also pop up a parasol and make your own! Extra points if you can find shade under something waterproof, like a concrete ledge, so that if you are hit by a sudden spell of rain you can stay safely beneath it! A wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses shade and protect your baby’s delicate skin and are also a must for sunny days. Once your child is 6 months old you can start to use sunscreen to help protect them from the sun’s rays, just make sure that you use a hypoallergenic and fragrance-free product that’s safe for infant skin!


3. Functional Fashion and Fabrics

When temperatures soar, the first thing to do is to ensure that your baby is appropriately dressed. Cool, breathable fabrics like cotton are preferable over synthetic or insulating textiles. Choose clothing items with buttons and be sure to keep a couple of warmer layers to hand in case of sudden changes in temperature!


4. Hydrate Through the Heat

As important for babies as it is for adults, proper hydration is a must! Formula or breastmilk does the trick for infants younger than 6 months, after which you can start to offer them water. If your child is teething, try storing their favourite teether in the fridge for some extra cooling relief, and make sure to give them more water than usual to make up for hydration lost in drooling!

Finally: Keep Your Eye Out

Despite doing all you can to avoid it, there’s still a chance your baby will overheat! Look out for the classic signs of overheating, such as drowsiness, disinterest in eating and drinking, and a flushed face. If your baby shows these signs, bring them back indoors and give them a cool bath to lower their temperature!