The Benefits of Chamomile in Baby Skincare

Chamomile flowers might look just like unassuming daisies, but their use in medicine and skincare are far more powerful and impressive than their appearance suggests. There’s evidence of chamomile plants being used for medicinal purposes all the way back to Ancient Egyptian times, where this important flower was used for everything from curing battle illnesses to promoting muscle relaxation and restful sleep. In modern times, chamomile is usually used within or alongside other treatments, either to enhance or support their benefits. Chamomile extract can be found in many over-the-counter medicines, such as in sleep aids, as well as topical skincare products designed to soothe and protect skin.

And it’s no wonder. The flower extract and essential oils taken from chamomile flowers contain powerful antioxidant, anti-microbial, and anti-inflammatory elements, all of which can help to maintain skin health by protecting it against the elements. Some studies have shown noticeable results when testing chamomile treatments on skin conditions such as eczema, as well as otherwise sore or broken skin. Here at Matchstick Monkey we have created our own chamomile SOS Baby Balm, formulated to protect and moisturise sore and irritated skin by creating a protective layer, using the powerful healing properties of chamomile. 

Due to its gentle scent and anti-irritant qualities, chamomile has been used in products formulated for delicate baby skin for many generations. Some people swear by giving their fussy babies baths in lukewarm chamomile tea,  a popular folk treatment for insomnia in young children. However, despite the mildness of the flowers, it’s still important to be cautious with raw natural ingredients, and rely on tried and tested methods for your little ones where possible. A chamomile tea bath may be soothing, but the excess flower pulp and dust which tea leaves behind could also cause irritation or build-up which may not be the healthiest or most hygienic solution for very young children. Try out our Baby Hair & Body Wash with chamomile extract to see how your baby reacts to the soothing scent without compromising on quality. Here at Matchstick Monkey, our babycare range uses natural chamomile which is fully dermatologically tested and pH balanced to ensure the safest and most delicate soothing experience for infant skin.

If you are interested in the healing properties of chamomile in infant skincare, we suggest that you first try products formulated with chamomile to see whether your child benefits from them. The perk of using products which have been rigorously tested is that you are less likely to unintentionally irritate sensitive skin, and can also reap the benefits of other, carefully selected, ingredients, which are also chosen for their positive interaction with chamomile extract. Browse our full range of Babycare with chamomile here to find the perfect chamomile infused product for your baby today.