4 Best Sleeping Practices for Babies

The autumn-winter season is packed full of bustling activity, which is great fun for adults and children alike. However, infants still need their rest, and all the excitement can make it a difficult feat to put your little ones to sleep. Read on to find tips for the best sleeping practices to follow year-round to encourage your baby to fall into a sleep routine that could even allow you to join in on the festivities, once in a while!

  1. Stick to Your Routine

A regular bedtime is an invaluable tool in ensuring your baby gets to sleep every night. Babies thrive on routines, as it gives them a sense of security and stability which allows them to know when they should be calming down for the night. Choose a sensible bedtime and try to stick to this as regularly as possible, and soon you’ll find your little one getting sleepy as bedtime approaches. 

  1. Create Soothing Sounds

The world outside can be loud and overstimulating for young children, so the setup of a calm sound environment in your baby’s sleeping area helps to create a soothing atmosphere in which your child will more easily fall asleep. Consider simple methods such as reading stories or singing lullabies, which can also help your baby to associate your voice with feelings of safety. If the soundscape around your infant’s sleeping space has the tendency to be loud, try out a white noise machine, which muffles atmospheric sounds and creates a steady, lulling noise which some babies find easier to fall asleep to.

  1. Mimic Bathing Rituals

Though a lukewarm bath before bed can help promote sleepiness in your infant, it’s not always possible - or necessary - to take the time for a full bath routine. Try reducing the ritual to a quick wipedown with a damp muslin cloth and then using a gentle moisturiser or massage oil to give your baby a soft massage. This will help your baby to feel clean and mimic the soothing effects of bathing. Try out our Mother & Baby Massage Oil, which is pH balanced and formulated with calming chamomile to give your baby the most soothing massage experience. Read more tips on baby massage from our experts here.

  1. Give Your Baby a Teether or Pacifier

Leaving a pacifier or teether in the corner of the crib allows your baby easy access if they wake up at night, and encourages self-settling. During teething, babies often wake up from the discomfort in their gums, but a good teether can help them to manage their own pain. Here at Matchstick Monkey we have created teethers with textured bumps and shapes for your baby to chew on, and the cute animal shapes can also be a friendly bedtime companion for your little one. Shop our full range of animal teethers here to find the perfect partner for your infant.