Baby’s Perfect Christmas Gift List

Anyone with a young child in their life will know how important it feels to make sure that they have the most magical and memorable experience possible. But when it comes to gifts it’s not always so easy to know what to get. There’s no need to be at a loss, just follow our ultimate Christmas gift list for babies and you’re sure to be a hit this year!

A Bedtime Friend

A teddy bear is a timeless gift for infants. Not only will they sleep with it at night and carry it with them in the day, but it will also always remind them of you! Go off the beaten track, and instead of a bear - consider a monkey! Shop our range of Plush Monkeys here.

The Gift of Reading

Children are never too young for books, and reading is a gift that lasts a lifetime! Reading together with a parent has been shown to help language processing in babies, and is a wonderful way to spend precious bonding time together. Check out our Matchstick Monkey Book for a fun and colourful reading adventure!

Something to Chew On

Teething can last for a couple of years and be a very difficult time for young children. There are ways to soften the experience, though. Consider gifting a teether with personality this year! Many teethers have the textures needed to be functional, but the added value of their being in fun forms is that the teether also becomes a friend. Shop our range of teethers, with a huge array of colours and animal shapes to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect companion for your teething child!


Something for Soft Skin

A gift which can be used by both a baby and their parents is a surefire win. Spending relaxing time together helps communication between parents and babies, and makes good associations for young children. A gentle massage can help to soothe a young infant before bed, and then in turn mum can take a break, too! Check out our calming Mother & Baby Massage Oil, formulated with chamomile and apricot for ultimate relaxation.. 

Something Practical

Gifting a teether is wonderfully practical, until it gets lost. Often children’s most beloved items are the ones that go missing, as they carry them wherever they go and leave them in places you might not expect. Anticipate this and be the problem solver this Christmas with soother clips, which help to attach teethers to a child’s clothing. Check out our new Double Soother Clip Sets here!

A Bit of Everything

Can’t choose from all the exciting options above? Now you don’t have to! Here at Matchstick Monkey we’ve compiled the perfect Christmas Gift Box, including two of our animal teethers, the Matchstick Monkey book, our Double Soother Clip Set (so they can carry both their new teethers at once!), our SOS Baby Balm, and Mother & Baby Massage Oil. With everything in one, you’ll be the year’s ultimate gift giver!