Teething at Christmas: A Survival Guide

Teething is a painful and difficult time, not only for the children going through it, but the parents and guardians in their lives, too. But when Christmas comes, all we want to do is put aside the distress, and create a magical experience for children to remember for years to come. Juggling festive cheer with aching gums might seem challenging, but if you follow our guide you’ll find that there can even be joy in teething!

Gift a Teether!

Teethers not only help to soothe irritated gums, they also teach young children to manage their own discomfort and self-settle, which is perfect during the festive hubbub. Teethers are practical gifts, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be fun, too! Check out our range of Matchstick Monkey Teethers today: with a huge array of colourful animals, you’re sure to find the perfect teether for your child to love and gnaw at this Christmas.

Cool, daddy cool!

To make your teether an even more effective soothing device, try popping it in the fridge for a short time before handing it to your child! The cold surface will help to numb painful gums, and the textured bumps will help to massage even the hardest to reach sore spots.


Clip it On!

Your baby’s teether is their ultimate tool for soothing sore gums, but they’re easily lost or dropped on the floor, leaving you to search for and clean them, ready to return to your baby. Save yourself the stress with our new Double Soother Clip Sets. Our Soother Clips allow you to attach our teethers to your baby’s clothes, so that they’re safe, clean, and instantly available to your child at all times. With a range of fun colours to choose from, you can even coordinate with your teether! And if you’re on the move, check out our Multi-Use Product Holder, which helps to attach teethers, bottles and more to your child’s buggy or car seat.

Be Prepared!

A sudden bout of drooling can be an unwelcome surprise, especially if your festive outfit is suddenly soggy. Keep a soft muslin cloth to hand to wipe up any excess spit! Saliva dries skin and can leave your baby with sore and irritated patches, so try out a preventative emollient to create a protective barrier, keeping your baby’s skin soft and smooth. Check out our SOS Baby Balm, formulated with all natural ingredients and dermatologically tested for healthy and happy skin.


If all else fails, and your baby is still distressed, look to something fun and Christmassy to detract from the discomfort. Sparkling lights, singing carols, and opening presents are all sensory experiences full of joy and wonder, and can take even the fussiest baby’s mind off their pain! Try to enjoy it - involving your infant in Christmas festivities also creates good associations, giving your child the joy of anticipation for many Christmases to come!