Baby’s First New Year’s Resolutions

The start of a new year is the perfect time to make changes and introduce new habits, and kicking off the new year with resolutions doesn’t have to be an adults-only activity! Thinking of resolutions for young children and infants can be a wonderful bonding moment between you and your child, and helps to introduce them to a ritual they will be able to continue practicing throughout their lives. When thinking of good resolutions for your child, the first and most important thing to think about is age appropriateness - of course, as parents, we all want our children to keep tidy and put their toys away, but this might be a bit too advanced for an infant! Read on to find out our top 3 resolutions for infants and their parents…

Read More Books

Improving literacy is a great resolution for children of any age, helping them to develop skills which they will use for a lifetime. Reading with very young children is also a wonderful opportunity for parent-child bonding! Keeping track of progress with visual aids, such as stickers or star charts, helps children to understand and measure their own achievements, and can boost confidence and happiness! Reward your child’s resolution by starting off their habit with a new book - we recommend our Matchstick Monkey book, Colours: A Finger-Trail Adventure, which not only will help your child’s literacy, but also improves motor skills and colour recognition.

Go Natural

With much discussion about harmful chemicals and pollutants in the environment, the new year is a great moment to resolve to be kinder to both your child’s skin and the planet. Young children and infants have very little independent choice on which products they’re using, but as their parents you can decide to do away with chemical nasties and opt for products with natural ingredients, and this is a habit that your child can continue into adulthood. Check our range of Babycare, formulated with calming organic ingredients, and make the switch to more environmentally friendly products today!

Waste Not, Want Not

Taking care of your possessions can help you and your child in meaningful ways, from reducing waste to saving you money. One great way to reduce waste is to invest in one of our Multi-Use Product Holders, which can help to secure your child’s teether, bottle, and more, so that you don’t find yourself constantly replacing lost items! 

Whatever resolutions you make with or for your child this year, remember to stick to the achievable, and have fun with it! Modeling strong resolutions for your child helps with their own discipline, and keeps the rewards coming not just for this year, but for a lifetime!