Baby’s First Christmas Tips

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And what could be more magical than to share it with your child for the first time? Celebrating the festive season with children is a precious opportunity to bond as a family, create new traditions, and set the tone for many future Christmases. Read on to discover fun and wholesome Christmas activities to do with your infant for a memorable first Christmas:

Baby’s First Stocking

Having a personalised stocking helps to solidify your child’s place in the family, and will be brought out every Christmas for years to come. Check our colourful gift range for ideas for fun gifts to stuff into your child’s stocking!

Start a New Tradition 

Even if you have older children, try creating a brand new tradition for an infant’s first Christmas. There are loads of options! Consider taking a long walk after lunch, baking cookies together on Christmas Eve, or even a festive film night snuggled up as a family on the sofa! Whatever you choose, starting it off on your baby’s first festive holiday will mean that they look forward to this activity every year.


Go Caroling

Music can be very soothing for infants, and creates sensory memories which give your child positive associations between music and relaxation. Carols are the perfect music for babies - choral voices, jingling bells, and gentle harmonies will entrance your little ones and infuse them with the Christmas spirit!

Be Prepared

From family and friends visits to going to see Santa at the grotto, there’s a lot of movement involved in the festive period. Make sure you’re prepared by carrying your child’s essentials with you wherever you go. Bring along a soft muslin in case of any accidents or spillages, and remember your child’s favourite teether! Getting caught out without one during teething can make the most magical Christmas experience a disaster for babies and parents alike. Not to worry, though - we have the perfect solution to ensuring your teether is always to hand when needed! Check out our new Double Soother Clip Sets and Multi-Use Product Holder to attach your child’s teether to their clothes, buggy, or even car seat, for easy access.

Get the Perfect Gift

A beloved teether or book can be a child’s favourite companion for years! Check out our Christmas Gift Box, stuffed with goodies from teethers to babycare to our Matchstick Monkey book, altogether creating the ultimate gift for any young infant to enjoy this Christmas.

Have Fun!

This one might be easy to forget, but it’s the most important thing to remember! Your child only has their first Christmas once, and the experience should be enjoyable for you, too. Take the pressure off, and remember that all the efforts you’re making are contributing to your child’s enjoyment of the season - the best thing you can do now is to enjoy it with them!