Top Tips for Walking with Kids

Walking with your children to school or the park can be a fun moment of bonding and fresh air, but also has its potential hazards. Where multiple children are concerned, or with accompanying toddlers in prams, it can feel especially stressful to keep everyone together and safe - even more so if you’re aiming to get to somewhere specific on time! Small solutions can make big changes, so read on to find out our top tips for safe and efficient walks with the kids…

  1. Take the Scenic Route

It might seem counterintuitive to walk a longer route to arrive somewhere on time - but hear us out! Children tend to wander and explore as they walk, and with short, direct walks you risk losing them to off-course meanders which lead to you standing around waiting or walking in the wrong direction for some time. If you choose a longer route, however, you can keep your children on the right path by directing them to things to look at and keep your path towards your destination linear!

  1. Switch Prams for Carriers

If you have a small toddler or baby with you, try carrying them in a carrier rather than a pram. Keeping your baby closer to your body expends less energy, and leaves your hands free to hold onto your other children or carry extra belongings!

  1. Prams are the New Trams

If a pram is preferable, try using a buggy board that older children can stand on, too! Though they might be too old or big to get into the pram with (or instead of!) their sibling, having a standing platform on the pram gives them a chance to be included in the interactions with younger children or just take a break from walking. A standing platform also allows them to use the pram as a tram, jumping on and off when they feel like they want a rest or adventure!

  1. Affix Everything

How often do you see a lone child’s toy abandoned on the side of the road? Unfortunately, items lost on walks often remain lost, either because there’s no time to turn back to search or because the walk was too long and the location of loss unknown. To avoid scrambling around trying to keep everything together, try securing items to each other or directly onto your children. If your child is teething, use some soother clips to attach their favourite teether to their clothes - this way they can drop the teether and pick it back up when they need it without the need to search or sterilise. Or, for larger items, try a multi-use product holder, which can fasten anything from water bottles to toys directly onto your pram or car seat!

Keep the above tips in mind next time you’re out walking with the children, and you’re sure to find your walks are easier and less stressful!