Welcome To The Jungle! Come and Meet Our New Animal Teethers…

After getting bitten yet again by my teething baby, this time drawing blood, I was desperate to find a solution. Feeling sorry for myself, I had a meltdown in the corner of the kitchen but then I had an idea… I’d had plenty of ideas for products before, product design is one of my passions - but this one was different (in so far as it worked).

That idea that germinated in my kitchen that day was the start of Matchstick Monkey. Now, years later and after lots of late nights spent at the drawing board, testing, designing and asking you guys which other animals you’d love to see, we’re super excited to welcome six new friends to the Matchstick Monkey family! Ooh that kind of rhymes!

Our cheeky Monkeys now have a few more friends to play with, including Lion, Bear, Giraffe, Elephant, Penguin and Pig! Each of the animals come in eye-catching new colours, each design with their own individual personality. The new animal colours, faces, ears, noses and tails are all unique. But we didn’t want to change the overarching design, so apart from the signature curly tail, each of the animals has the features that have made Matchstick Monkey so popular.

All the animal teething toys are specially shaped to reach every area of your baby’s mouth so they can soothe sore gums as your baby chews. The little bumps on the head make it satisfying to chomp on, as well as making sure any teething medication gets right to the source of the pain!

The slim but robust arms make it really easy for babies to pick up and hold from a young age, making them the perfect companion for your teething little one.

Added BioCote® Antimicrobial Technology reduces 99.99% of microbes, including bacteria and viruses, on the surface of the product, making it hygienically cleaner than many other types of teether or teething products.  

Even the handy clip box packaging makes the perfect reusable case to keep the teether clean and safe whilst out and about. Definitely handy if your little ones like to throw things out of their stroller as mine do!

All of our new teethers will be available soon. Keep a look out the launch date, soon to be announced on our Instagram and Twitter @matchstick_monkey.