Crafty and Cool Christmas Decoration Ideas for your Kids

You can have a lot of fun with Christmas decoration ideas for kids. Keep your own (potentially expensive) decorations that you’ve been collecting for years to one side, this is something a bit more child-friendly!

When I was a child, I was always overjoyed to have my own special Christmas decorations. My kids are no different! Decorations are fun and a novelty, two things that most kids love. Here are a few ways that you can make decorating your home for Christmas extra special for kids.

DIY kids Christmas decor

Making your own Christmas decorations as a family can so much fun! Here are some ideas for the easiest things you can make:


All you need to make these easy pointed snowflakes are:

  • Some small scissors
    ● A4 sheets of plain white paper
    ● Light blue poster paint
    ● Edible or eco-friendly glitter

To prepare, cut your A4 sheets of white paper into squares so that the sides are even. The best tutorial with pictures I’ve found is this one. But, if you’re making these with kids it might not be safe for them to use scissors. Getting them to decorate the paper after you cut it is probably the best option to get them involved. Don’t go for plain white, even though you may prefer them. Why not go with multi-coloured snowflakes?!

Salt dough baubles

We all remember these traditional dough baubles! They’re a lot of fun and very easy for older toddlers (erm, and adults) to make. All you need to make them are:

  • Festive cookie cutter shapes
    ● A pencil
    ● Thin coloured ribbon
    ● 2 cups of flour
    ● 1 cup of salt
    ● ¾ cup of water
    ● Baking paper
    ● Poster paints, edible or eco-friendly glitter, PVA glue.


Step 1: Mix together the flour and salt, then add in the water. Mix with your hands until it forms a dough that’s soft but not sticky and knead for a couple of minutes. If it’s still sticky, slowly add sprinkles of flour until it’s not.

Step 2: Roll out with a rolling pin into slabs around 1cm thick. Cut out shapes with your cookie cutters and place on a baking tray lined with baking paper. Poke a hole in the top of each shape with a pencil.

Step 3: Pop the shapes in the oven at about 180c for around 7/10 minutes, although the time will depend on how thick the decorations are. Check them half way through so you can check the hole hasn’t closed up (if it has, gently poke it back out).

Step 4: Allow the shapes to completely cool before decorating them with poster paints, and edible or eco-friendly glitter.

Step 5: Once dry, thread the ribbon through the hole and hang up!

Christmas cone trees

Craft Christmas Trees

These trees are really fun for small kids to decorate. All you need is:

  • Green craft paper (or any green paper)
  • Coloured poster paints
  • Stickers


Create a paper cone from the green paper. Once you’ve done that, set up the decorations and get to work with the kids decorating those trees!


Window Decorations

Cellophane trees are really fun for kids to decorate. When you stick them on a window, they look even more magical to little eyes! You’ll need:

  • Green cellophane
  • Stickers in the shape of stars
  • Green tape or masking tape


This is so simple, there are only two steps! First, tut out Christmas tree shapes from the cellophane. Secondly, ask your children to stick on some stars to decorate them!

Once you’re happy with your creations, stick them on the windows with slivers of masking tape coloured in with green crayon.

More Christmas decoration ideas for kids

If you’re looking for some more decoration ideas that don’t involve too much mess, try these for inspiration...

Baubles fit for a kid

Matchstick Monkey Gift Set

Cosy-up your kids' bedroom for winter with decorations that aren’t just for Christmas! These knitted hanging monkey toys are super cute. Although usually they’d hang from a cot or pram, why not pop some on the tree? After all, that’s where real monkeys hang out.

Advent calendars

Although we may be well into advent, this collection of children's calendars will last for years to come.


Numbered Stocking Advent Calendar

No matter what your style, there are some beautiful decorative Christmas stockings out there for kids that will look great around the house. From paired back Scandi style to more traditional styles, this is a great way to remind toddlers that (if they’re good) Father Christmas might just pay them a visit.


We hope this post has given you some inspiration! We’d love to see if your kids have created any Christmas masterpieces. Tag us on Instagram @_ to show us!