The Benefits of Sleep for Babies

Babies spend the majority of their time sleeping, and with good reason! Many of the physical and mental developments you can see in your infant during the first months of life are happening while they sleep! With Baby Sleep Day on March 1st, now is the perfect time to read on to find out what’s changing in your child’s body as they slumber…

Physical Growth

Studies have found that although somatotropin, a growth hormone, is released into your baby’s body throughout the day, more than 80% of it is released during sleep! As babies usually triple in size in the first year of life, sleep is incredibly important to letting the body develop.

Mental Development

As well as the body, the brain also grows a great deal in the first few months of a child’s life, doubling in size within the first year! Aside from the physical aspect of growing more grey matter, sleep also helps to develop brain functionality. Studies have found that sleep promotes better processing, the formation of synapses, and memory consolidation!

Boosting the Immune System 

Sleep is a critical aspect of ensuring a strong immune system at any age, but especially in young children and babies, whose systems are still developing. Sleep gives babies the rest they need to recover and recalibrate their immune systems! 


Any parent of a young child will see the correlation between sleep and mood, as babies grow more fussy and irritable the more tired they become. Babies who get good sleep tend to be more agreeable, responsive, and easier to soothe, because they don’t have underlying tiredness to deal with, too!

How to Make Sure Your Baby Gets the Sleep They Need

As a parent or guardian it is essential to ensure that your baby is getting enough sleep - but that can sometimes be easier said than done. As ever, consistency is key! Dependable bedtime routines help to teach your little one what to expect, and encourage them to get prepared to sleep. 

Not Tired? Tire Them Out!

If bathtime is a part of their sleep routine, this is a good opportunity to expend a little energy before bed. Instead of deviating from routine to play or read for longer, consider amalgamating the activities and insert some play into their bathing routine. Check out our new Bathtime Boat Set, which can help to occupy your child’s mind while you give them a wash. Once your child is clean and fresh, try a massage with our Baby Body Lotion, the chamomile and apricot extracts and rhythmic motions will help to soothe them into a sleepy state.

Above all, remember: though sleep is critical to your child’s development, sometimes there’s nothing you can do to get them there! On these occasions, don’t panic, their development won’t be stunted by a couple of sleepless nights - just create a soothing, inviting environment, so that when they’re finally ready to snooze they can drift softly to sleep!