The Benefits of Baby Bathtime

Bathing is an important part of any child's daily routine, but there are many more benefits to baths than just keeping them clean! Read on to find out how bathtime can benefit your baby’s physical and cognitive development and wellbeing… 

Multisensory Experience

Bathing is a highly sensory experience - from the splashing sounds of the water, to the sensation of warm water against skin, to the smells of whichever products you use! All of these help to develop your child’s cognitive growth, helping them to differentiate between states (hot/cold, loud/quiet, wet/dry), as well as supporting the building of new pathways in the brain!

Fine Motor Skills

Playing in the bath might seem like just a bit of fun, but it can help to develop your child’s fine motor skills! Give your child toys that promote play, such as our Bathtime Slide Set, designed to help develop your child’s hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills as they practice placing the animal rocks onto the slide. Pouring water also contributes to motor skill development, so while you’re not using it, give your baby their Hair Rinser to play with - filling it up with water and pouring it back out is a simple and effective form of play!

Strength Training

Playing in the bath not only helps with motor skills, but helps build muscle development, too! Babies build strength in their hands and fingers by learning to lift and squeeze. Try our Bathtime Boat Set, and encourage your baby to practice grabbing and lifting the wobblers - they can also hone their fine motor skills as they practice placing them inside the boat!

Building Relationships

Bathtime is an excellent moment to spend quality time with your baby! While a lot of parenting involves multitasking, bathtime is a moment when you need both hands and all your concentration, so it’s a great time to talk to your child and build important bonds. Watch how your baby reacts to different sensory experiences and communicate with them to help build their understanding of tone and facial expressions!

Help Sleeping

The sensory experience of fragrant smells, warm water, and being towel wrapped with soft cloth all help to soothe babies into a sleepy state. Bathing has been shown to lower cortisol levels, reducing stress and helping your baby to relax! A massage with a calming massage oil can also help to promote relaxation and sleep. 

Promoting Independence

Having a bath as part of a daily routine helps your child to develop their understanding of time and sequence, and as long as you keep your timing regular, your child will soon start letting you know that it’s their bathtime! This also helps children to self-regulate their washing routines as they grow older and more independent! 

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