Hey everyone and welcome to our December edition of Motherhood Minis, featuring bitesize interviews with real mums. A quick unfiltered glimpse into the lives of our Matchstick Monkey parents and their little ones! 

At Matchstick Monkey, we are having virtual meet ups with mums around the UK to talk about motherhood struggles (yes, we all know motherhood comes with its struggles), but most mothers often say motherhood is the most rewarding role in their life.

This week, we chat with the lovely Theresa Ajuwon. Theresa is mum to baby Kikidaope Aria. Kiki is as cute as a button and is 14 months old. Her mum, Theresa started capturing her cuteness and documenting her life on Instagram and ever since, Kiki Aria has made quite the impact! Capturing the hearts of many and racking up Instagram followers ever since. 

So without further ado, let’s see what Kiki’s mum, Theresa’s motherhood journey has been like so far...

1. How many children do you have?

I have one child - Kikidaope Aria who is fourteen months old. 

2. Do you have any pets?

No, we don’t but maybe one day!

3. What region of the country do you live in?

We are based in the busy yet beautiful, London, United Kingdom.

4. What are your favourite aspects about being a parent?

My favourite aspects of being a mother would have to be watching my daughter grow and being involved through the whole steps and milestones.

5. What can be the hardest things about being a parent?

The hardest parts would probably be the lack of sleep and the constant and demanding need of being a parent.

6. How do you get ‘me’ time?

My ‘me’ time is only at night when Kiki is asleep or when she goes on a stroll with her father.

7. What was the best advice that you have been given about being a parent?

To always feed on demand; till date this has helped my breastfeeding journey. Also to hold her as much as she wants - we have built a great bond, which I’m grateful for.

8. Do you see yourself as an influencer?

Yes I do. Often people tell me they have used or purchased something because I have talked about my positive experience with it.

9. How has your growing Instagram following changed your day to day life?

It has helped me boost my confidence daily about my authenticity and creativity. It has also taught me that I am capable of having genuine friendships with people I have never met. 

10. Why do you think your account has become so popular, is this something that you planned from the start?

I think my account became popular because of my realness about motherhood and my struggles. People could relate and then gave me a follow.

11. How old was your child when they started to teethe?

My daughter was 7 months old when she started to teethe. I remember it like yesterday. The time has gone by quickly.

12. Did your daughter have symptoms of teething or did they come through without a fuss?

She was fussy, tugging at her ear, putting objects and her thumb in her mouth.

13. Did you use any teething products? If so, what helped?

Every baby is different, but for Kiki, being breastfed and having her gums massaged helped. The Matchstick Monkey teethers are some of the most popular teethers in and around London, and as a mother I’m grateful that Matchstick Monkey do their research when developing teethers for teething babies as it can be an uncomfortable time for a little one, and a worrying time for parents too.

A little bit about Kikidaope Aria

Kikidaope Aria is full of life and love as she takes Instagram by storm! Her and her mother, Theresa, love to showcase the fun that they have together and their creativity on Instagram.

Why not take a look and see what they have been up to recently? Keep up with Theresa’s account at @olufunke2429 and Kikidaope Aria’s at @kiki_aria.