How To: Wash Your Baby’s Hair

Some babies are born with hair, while others take their time growing it - either way, sooner or later you’ll have to start washing their hair! Read our guide to washing your baby’s hair so you’ll be ready when the time comes!

When and How Often

Babies and young children have delicate skin and hair which are prone to drying out, especially when washed too often! You should aim to wash your baby’s hair 2 -3 times a week at most to protect their hair and skin from flaking and irritation.

What You Will Need

Due to the sensitive nature of their skin, avoid products formulated for adults, and opt instead for child-friendly formulae. We recommend our Baby Hair and Body Wash, created for babies and dermatologically tested to ensure your child comes out of every bath or hair-wash session happy and moisturised. The 2-in-1 formula can also be used to wash your baby’s body, reducing the amount of products you need to keep to hand! If your child has hair that is prone to tangling, invest in a gently-formulated conditioner, such as our Detangling Conditioner, to help you loosen up any errant knots. You will also need something to pour water over your child’s hair - keep a plastic beaker nearby, or better yet one of our Bathtime Hair Rinsers, which promote children to develop motor skills by playing at bathtime! And last but not least, keep a towel and muslin clothes beside you for scrubbing and quick drying!

How-To: Wash Your Baby’s Hair

  1. Fill your tub, sink, or bath - wherever you plan on washing your baby - with lukewarm water, keeping the temperature the same as your body. Test the water temperature using your elbow!

  1. Wash your baby’s body first! Once you’ve washed their hair they can get cold quickly, so it’s best to leave their head dry until you’ve finished washing the rest of their body.

  1. Wet your baby’s head with some water in your hand, making sure to avoid it running down their face or into their eyes. Lather up a small amount of shampoo and gently massage it into their hair and scalp.

  1. Using your Hair Rinser, gently pour some water over your baby’s head (avoiding run-off!) and wipe away with a damp muslin cloth to make sure you’re getting rid of any extra suds.

  1. If necessary, massage a small amount of conditioner into your baby’s hair and gently loosen any tangles using your fingertips before rinsing off with your Rinser and a muslin cloth.

  1. Take your baby out of the water and gently pat their body dry with the towel. You can gently rub their hair dry, just be sure not to rub too vigorously!

And you’re done! Once you have moisturised your baby with a gentle lotion you can dress them as usual and you’re good to go, with one clean, happy baby in tow!