How To: Have a Baby Spa Day at Home

Rest and relaxation are important for better mental and physical health in every stage of life - including babies! Though it might seem that there aren’t too many stressors in the life of an infant, the experience of meeting the world can be extremely overwhelming!.

Because caring for a young child is time-consuming, parents can sometimes let go of looking after themselves properly, too. One way to overcome this challenge is to feed two birds with one scone, that is, taking time for both yourself and your child at once! It might seem counterintuitive: how can I relax when I’m working hard to relax my baby? The simple answer is that the more relaxed you are with your child, the more they will feel comfortable to follow your lead and calm down.

A great way to achieve this dual calm is with a parent and baby relaxing spa day! This doesn’t have to involve packing up for a long day out or splurging on loads of expensive products - you can achieve a wonderfully soothing home spa day all on your own! Read on for our guide to home-based spa activities for you and your little one…

  1. Set Up Your Environment

Choose your spa location where you can create an atmosphere, ideally either the nursery or bathroom. Dim the lights and try lighting some candles (keeping them well out of reach from grabby infant hands) or sparkly fairy lights, and play some soothing music. Make sure the room temperature is warm but not stuffy, somewhere around 22°C. Set up a tub for washing your baby, and a firm mattress so that you can comfortably lay them down for a massage.

  1. Bathtime!

Start by bathing your baby as usual using delicate products formulated for baby skin. Encourage your baby to splash about a bit and enjoy the feeling of water on their body - you can even add some gentle bubbles for that extra luxurious experience! Towel off your baby with a soft towel after their bath. To make drying even more sensational for your baby, lightly tumble dry your towel or leave it briefly on a heated rack to make it even more warm and soothing!

  1. Time for a Gentle Massage

Use a light massage oil formulated for babies, such as our Mother & Baby Massage Oil, to moisturise your baby’s skin and give them a gentle massage. Read more about the benefits and how-tos of baby massage in our previous blog post!

  1. Include yourself in the experience! 

Set your baby down on their back and use the massage oil to gently massage your forearms and hands. Maintain eye contact with your child and involve them in your massage by showing them your hands and fingers - you can also playfully use this time to simultaneously massage the both of you, so that your baby not only feels the benefits but sees them in action on you!