How to Keep Bath Toys Clean

Bathtime with a small child is a great moment for fun and play! As well as keeping your baby clean, bathing has many benefits - from cognitive development, to bonding over games. And any baby will love to play with bath toys, but how can you keep your bathtime accessories from getting grimy, or worse, mouldy? Studies have shown that toys that sit in bathwater tend to collect dangerous moulds and bacterias, which can put your little one at risk of infection. Follow our guide to keeping your bath toys clean and safe for peace of mind when bathing your baby…

Sort Through Your Toys

A simple rubber ducky might look innocent, but the hole in the bottom which lets water in and out is a breeding ground for bacteria, allowing mould to grow out of sight inside the toy! Check your bath toys thoroughly and regularly for signs of mould. Look out for any discolouring of the plastic, or an unpleasant smell. Any toy that shows these signs should be immediately thrown out, as once they’re already contaminated it’s much harder to get them back to their original condition!

Maintenance: Rinse & Clean

Once you have deciphered which toys can stay, make sure to keep them clean after every bath. Take a moment to rinse and thoroughly dry each toy individually. If there is a hole in the bottom, make sure to squeeze out all the bath water, refill it with fresh, clean water, and squeeze it all back out. Don’t store bath toys one on top of the other, instead give them each a little space so that they can air dry any additional droplets!

Maintenance: Sterilise

After every few baths, take time to sterilise your bath toys. This can be done very easily using vinegar! Simply mix equal parts white vinegar and warm water in a bucket and submerge the toys. Leave the toys in the vinegar solution for an hour or so before rinsing under tap water and thoroughly drying. Alternatively, you can also use heat, either in the dishwasher, or in a sink with hot water and soap!

Prevent Mould 

Keeping your bath toys clean and dry is the best prevention for mould. Our Bathtime range, for instance, has built-in BioCote® Antimicrobial Protection, which protects toys from mould and mildew. BioCote® is introduced in the manufacturing stage of the toys and doesn’t wear off or leech into bathwater, so it can help to keep your toys microbe-free for longer term use!