Celebrating Mother’s Day with Your Baby

Mother’s Day is a much-beloved holiday for mums, as it’s the day where all their hard work and attention gets some much needed appreciation. As children get older, mothers can look forward to heartwarming hand-made cards and gifts from their children, but how do you celebrate if your child is barely babbling, let alone making use of fine motor skills for crafting? Here at Matchstick Monkey we believe that self-appreciation is an equally important part of Mother’s Day, and encourage mums of young children to take a moment to take stock of their hard work, and celebrate themselves! Read on to get ideas of how to give yourself a break this Mother’s Day…

Free Up Your Hands

Parenting a young infant is a delicate balancing act, as you often have to keep a hand or eye on your baby whilst multitasking on other chores or work - think bouncing a fussy baby while stirring a pot, or feeding your baby with one hand whilst typing out work on your laptop with the other! This Mother’s Day, think about how to simplify so you can focus on the task on hand! Do you balance your baby on your hip as you go? Consider investing in a baby bouncer so that they can rock themselves. Is your baby teething? Rather than letting them gnaw on your finger, give them a  teether to allow your child to relieve their own pain and distract themselves!

Make Life Easier

A large part of childcare is running after your child, collecting whatever they drop and tidying up around them as they go! Think about ways to fix things in place, such as Soother Clips to attach your baby’s teether to their clothing, reducing the number of times you need to pick it up off the floor after it's been dropped.

Bond With Your Baby

Take time to remember the benefits and rewards of motherhood by bonding with your baby. Settle down to some tummy time, play with their favourite soft toy, or settle down to read a fun book together!

Pamper Yourself

After all your day’s chores are finished, take some time out to pamper yourself with a soothing massage. This doesn’t have to be after you’ve put your baby to sleep, if you take the opportunity to also give your baby a massage you’ll have the added benefit of extra bonding time with your child. Soften the lights, put on your favourite calming music, and use our gentle, chamomile and apricot Mother and Baby Massage Oil for that soothing spa experience. Take care of your skin, too, with our organic Stretch Mark Oil, specially designed to improve your skin’s elasticity. 

However you decide to celebrate yourself today, make sure to truly take a moment to acknowledge your hard work and dedication - and why not treat yourself to a glass of bubbly once the little one is asleep? You deserve it!