Coming into Spring!

With Spring approaching on the 20th March and although the sun isn’t here yet - it still allows time for parents to go outside and enjoy some quality time with their children.

Spring is definitely one of my favourite seasons, as I can spend time with my children outdoors - whether it is a walk around your local beach or park, or taking the kids to their favourite play park to walk the new pups - Willow and Whiskey. However, it is still important to take necessary precautions so that your little ones are kept safe and healthy. So, here are some of my tips on how to make the most out of Spring with your kids. 


1.  Clocks going forward…

You may have already noticed the days are getting that little bit longer, and the mornings are getting brighter. That only means one thing - the clocks are going forward! 

However, for children time change can be very difficult. After all - a child is used to going to sleep in the dark, and now they are going to sleep while it is still bright outside. To make the transition easier, make sure to put your child to bed on time, establish a good bedtime routine, cut down screen time and make sure your child is active during the day so that they are tired by the time bedtime approaches.


2. Sneezing season!

 Although being outdoors is great for kids, you also need to make sure they are looked after, especially with children who may be highly prone to allergies. This can include hay fever and springtime colds, which are very common within children aged five. The best line of defense is early protection by keeping them indoors when  pollen counts are high (during the early morning and evening). It is so important to wash your child’s hands and face thoroughly, especially after being outside. My top tip would be to watch out for stuffy noses, sneezing or red eyes - as these are the first symptoms of these spring allergies and can be treated with anti-allergy medicine.


3. Sunny days (kind-of…)

 Although the sun doesn’t appear as frequently during Spring, it is still crucial to make sure your child is protected by the sun. Babies require small amounts of sunscreen when they are outside - as this will help protect them against UV rays, and therefore lower the risk of them developing skin cancer as they grow older. When applying sunscreen to a child, do so with an SPF of 30 or higher. You must also keep your children covered up, by using different covers and shades to shield them from the sun. I can’t wait for picnics in the sun! 


4. Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite! 

 During Spring, your baby can be susceptible to bug-bites indoors and outdoors. Your best chance to prevent this is to keep your child’s surroundings clean and avoid having shallow open water near your home. To prevent bed bugs, I would recommend using a bug  repellent which is safe for your baby.


With all these precautions, you might think it might not seem like a good idea to go outside at all. However, it's all just a matter of being prepared, because just watching your little one wonder with all the sights and sounds of spring makes it worth it! 

There are so many benefits to going outside and getting some fresh air with your kids. Fresh air can make you and your kids feel more energised, will help you sleep better and can even restore your mood! 

So make sure to get out and take in all the sights Spring has to offer, because I know I cannot wait for the daffodils to bloom and for the Easter Bunny to arrive... (Easter eggs aren’t just for the kids!)