Christmas Treat Ideas for Toddlers

Ah, Christmas. Is there a more wonderful time of year? Everyone’s in a good mood, you know there are going to be plenty of memories made, and you get a chance to cast off the humdrum of everyday life and enjoy the sweet feeling that the season often brings. And of course, it’s even more enjoyable if you have a child in your life. You may have enjoyed the festive season in the past, but it’ll have taken on a new significance once you have a child (or children) of your own.

In order for you and your children to make the most of the Christmas season, take a look at some of the treat ideas for toddlers that we’ve outlined below. A Christmas treat can put the cherry on top of what is already a pretty amazing time! Plus, they are fun to make and are an all-around great way to spend an afternoon when the weather is cold.

Snowman Cake Pops

snowman cake pops

We may or may not have a white Christmas (it’s not looking good), but that doesn’t mean that you can’t share the magic of snowmen with your kids. You absolutely can! You just need to make snowman cake pops! All you need to do is get regular cake mix, make them into a couple of balls that are stacked on top of each other, and then cover in icing. You can use an edible pen for the snowman’s coal and pretzels for the arms, and boom, you’re done. 

Snowflake Tortillas

snowflake tortillas

Remember back in school, when in the run up to Christmas we’d all make snowflakes out of paper? That was fun, but perhaps it would have been even better fun if you could have eaten the snowflakes! Well, now there’s a way to make edible snowflakes. You just use flour tortillas instead of paper. Make them as you usually would by cutting out the snowflake shape, then top them off with powdered sugar. Just like that, you have a wonderful temporary decoration that you and the kids can then feast on. Perfect! 

Rice Krispie Wreaths

rice krispie wreaths

Rice Krispie snacks are delicious in any capacity, but they’ll taste even tastier when they’ve been given a Christmas touch. You can make the Rice Krispie mix as you usually would, but then, when it comes to putting it together, simply shape into the style of a wreath. With a bit of green food colouring and cut up red liquorice, you’ll be able to create a beautiful set of wreaths that are great to look at...but even more fun to eat. Check out the full instructions on the official Rice Krispies page.

Gingerbread Men

gingerbread men

And finally, there’s the old classic, snowman gingerbread men. Make the men using your preferred recipe, and then top off with icing. From there, it’ll be all about using edible pens and chocolates to make the buttons, eyes, scarf, whatever you want. Gingerbread men always make the house smell oh so good, too. If you love the smell of gingerbread, you and the family are in for a treat!

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