A Father's Day Guide to Bonding with Baby

In a rapidly changing world, a fathers role in his child’s life is more and more valuable and precious, and so it’s important to do what we can to foster this important relationship! With Father’s Day coming up, we have compiled our top advice for fathers on how to best bond with their little ones, so read on and find out how to make the most out of your father-child relationship 

Skin to skin contact

The best known and first physical form of bonding between father and infant is known as skin-to-skin contact and does exactly what it says on the tin! Laying your baby against your bare chest or shoulder allows them to learn your smell, the rhythm of your heartbeat, and fosters a connection that transcends words - an excellent way to start your father-child bonding!


Bathtime Banter

Because skin-to-skin contact is such an important part of father-child bonding, bathtime is an ideal moment to get in that contact while also dabbling in some developmental playtime. Try out our Bathtime Slide Set together, and help your child to practise their dexterity and grip by carefully placing the wobblers on the slide - and then gleefully watch them slide down into the water! You can also give your child greater responsibility over their own bathing by having them help with washing their hair with a Hair Rinser, which is great for practising fine motor skills! You might even consider giving your baby a little massage after their bath, to help relax them and get even more of that skin-to-skin contact! To find out more about the benefits of baby massage, check out our previous blog post!


Put On Your Chef Cap

They say food is the way to a man’s heart - but actually, this is truest for babies! Mealtimes are a wonderful moment for bonding, from food prep to eating a meal together. Early childhood is also the only time in life when it’s acceptable to play with your food, and rather than trying fruitlessly to mould your toddler into a perfectly mannered child, letting them play with their food is also helpful developmentally! Use Section Plates to separate different foods, helping your child to differentiate various foods by name, taste, and texture. If they are too young for this, consider eating out of matching Plates and Bowls, so that your child is more easily able to reflect your behaviour. Or play aeroplane and feed your infant with a Mealtime Feeding Spoon, and watch their eyes light up with delight when they feel the textured underside on their gums. Food is hugely sensorial, and can be a great avenue for helping your child to learn more about the world!


Remember, the most important part of any father-child relationship is time spent, so find the moments where you can!