6 Heart Melting Ways to Celebrate Father's Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner and it’s the perfect day to celebrate the man, or men in your life! It’s not always easy to appreciate each other as parents and partners when you’re both busy at work and taking care of the family - so sometimes it’s nice to stop and think about how much you do really help each other.

My partner, Sam, is a very hands on father and he’s always helping in so many ways. He’s definitely amazing at entertaining and knows how to get the girls to have a good time! He’s loves taking the girls out to let off steam on the trampoline, skating, scooting, biking or swimming and playing games they adore, like “What’s the time Mister Wolf?”

He’s also an excellent persuader when it comes to getting them in the bath, and reading them a bedtime story. Although he does tend to get them a little too excited before bed with what’s supposed to be a nice, calm game! But, I know I couldn’t do such a good job of raising them without him.

As we’re both entrepreneurs and are very involved with our businesses, this means any free time we have is precious. Father’s day is a great excuse for me to show him how much I appreciate him and the role he plays in our family life.

This year, I wanted to celebrate the day by doing something and reflects my partner as a father and an individual. I’ve been thinking about different things I could organise but these are some of my favourite ideas so far…

Fathers Day Care Pack!

Collect a few of Dad’s favourite things together to make a Father’s Day care pack. There are loads of things you can include, from handwritten notes stating the things you love about him, as well as little gifts like packets of his favourite snacks and creative vouchers that he can cash in for small favours (taking the rubbish out, or an instant cup of tea, for example).

Craft Ale Subscription Box for Fathers Day

Ale Subscription Box

If your partner is into his craft ale (like mine!), a monthly subscription box is a great way to try some of the best from the comfort of your own sofa - or maybe to share with friends over the upcoming World Cup games! This is a cute present that keeps on giving and is sure to be appreciated by any ale connoisseur.

Idea: When the box arrives, make giving a game by setting up a treasure hunt around the house complete with personalised clues!

If you’re not sure which one to go for, the Independent online has reviewed some of the best options here.

Bristol Hot Air Balloon for Fathers Day

Tandem Balloon Ride

We spent many happy years of our lives living in Bristol. In summer, I always remember watching hot air balloons soar over the city on clear evenings and wondering what the view was like from up there.

I thought it would be a great idea to buy Sam and I a balloon ride over the city, giving him a letter to open on the journey listing some of the favourite memories I have of us as a young couple, before and just after our first children came along.

Handmade Cake

It doesn’t have to be someone’s birthday to enjoy a big cake. If your children are old enough, get together to make Dad a special fathers day cake! Whip up his favourite flavour and decorate as you wish. Why not try making models of yourselves and him out of icing as cake toppers? You’re sure to have as much fun making it as you are eating it!

Surf Shaping Course for Fathers Day

Surfboard Shaping Course

If your partner loves surfing and enjoys making things with his hands, give him the chance to design, make and ride a surfboard he’s created himself. Working under the guidance of a professional shaper at Jaxon Surfboards in Cornwall means he could do just that. You could even tie it in with a family holiday down in the West Country! You can also make surfboards out of wood down at Otter Surfboards, if woodworking is more his thing.

Reconstruction of the Fated Night!

Do you remember where your first child was conceived? Did you do something special like go for a meal, watch a particular movie or spend a romantic day somewhere? Were you abroad?

Reconstruct the fated night by reenacting as many of the things you can remember. This should make a fun and memorable way to spend the day! 

However you celebrate Father’s Day, we hope it’s a day full of love! Share what makes the father of your children special and tag us on Instagram!