Great news! Matchstick Monkey is continuously striving to use more and more sustainable materials that are environmentally friendly. Which is why we are very excited to introduce two  environmentally friendly resources to our new product ranges: Wood Pulp & Organic Cotton!

Our new bathtime toys are made of a bio-based plastic material called Wood Pulp. We use organic cotton for the muslins in our new teething gift set collection Here is some more information why you should be excited too!






What is Wood Pulp?

• Wood Pulp is a fibrous substance that is extracted from wood, which makes it a low carbon material.
• Wood pulp is primarily used to manufacture paper, cardboard and tissue paper. But don’t worry, our bathtime products are just as sturdy and easy to clean as conventional plastics.

Why do we want to use biodegradable and low-carbon materials?

• Conventional plastics, such as fossil-fuel plastics are usually derived from petroleum. This means they use a non-renewable material
that also creates a lot of carbon during production.
• Wood pulp on the other hand is a natural and renewable ingredient that uses up less energy and less carbon when its used in production.
• Trees planted for harvest absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere during their growth and capture a portion of the carbon emissions we want to reduce pollution and energy usage.


Why Organic Cotton?

We choose to use organic cotton for our muslins,
which uses no synthetic chemical fertilisers and pesticides and is not grown using genetically modified seed.
This method of producing the all-natural fibre is also promoting biodiversity and biological cycles of the land it is grown on.