We are so pleased to announce that Dumforter has joined the Matchstick Monkey family! Keep your eyes peeled in the month’s to come, as the beloved characters from Dumforter’s collections settle in across our awarding winning ranges.

To celebrate this announcement and welcome Dumforter customers to the family, we have created a special Dumforter promotion. Fill out the form below to receive your 15% promotion:



The details of the agreement are included below:

Matchstick Monkey Limited and Dumforter Limited have, as of 13 September 2022, signed an asset purchase agreement, whereby Matchstick Monkey Limited has purchased Dumforter Limited’s assets and business, including its brand name, its manufacturing equipment, and its existing stock. Matchstick Monkey Limited will now be responsible for the design, manufacture and sale of the Dumforter dummies, comforters, teddies and “3-in-1 Dummy Teether Comforters”, as well as the management of the Dumforter website and its social media accounts.

For any queries related to Dumforter Limited, please contact johanne@dumforter.co.uk. For any queries related to Matchstick Monkey Limited, please contact dumforter@matchstickmonkey.com.