What Can A Pregnant Mother Do To Help Promote Her Baby's Health?

During your pregnancy, you may wonder what you can do to promote your baby’s health. The good news is, there is so much information out there on how to be healthy throughout pregnancy for you and your baby. To help you digest the information, we’ve compiled it into an easy-to-read blog, so you can find out where you can start and what you can do as a pregnant mother to help promote your baby’s health.

Steps To Promote Baby Health During Pregnancy 

The promotion of healthy attitudes, behaviours and characteristics can all be fed to your baby while you are pregnant. Some may say that it’s easier for your child to pick up on healthy habits if they were introduced to them while they were in the womb. Check out the following steps to find out what a pregnant mother can do to help promote her baby’s health.

Create a Healthy Body 

A healthy body creates a healthy living, breathing and growing space for your baby. One way you can promote your baby’s health whilst you are pregnant is to make sure your body is in its best health. Speak to your health physician or doctor and ask for their opinion and advice. 

Regular Exercise

Just as it is said before pregnancy, the same applies during and after. Regular exercise is key to maintaining good general health. Exercise such as walking, stretching and jogging are all considered beneficial forms of regular exercise you can do to promote your baby’s health during pregnancy. Make sure that you don’t overexert yourself with exercise or put yourself in danger by taking part in a high-risk activity. 

Avoid Alcohol

A pregnant mother should avoid drinking alcohol of all kinds during pregnancy to help promote her baby’s health. If the nutrients a pregnant mother’s body intakes are fed to her baby and she was to drink alcohol, then her baby can very well absorb the same alcoholic nutrients. This can then affect her baby’s growth, development and delivery. It’s best to avoid all alcohol and liquor whilst pregnant if you want to promote the health of your baby. 

Quit Smoking

A pregnant mother can promote her baby’s health by quitting smoking. Smoking during pregnancy is dangerous and can cause tissue damage in your baby’s brain and lungs. If you want to quit smoking, help is available. Speak to your doctor for advice and support. You can also find help to quit smoking while pregnant from the National Health Service online here

Caffeine and Recreational Drugs 

A pregnant mother should reduce the amount of caffeine she consumes in her diet to promote her baby’s health. Instead of having coffee every day, a pregnant mother can cut back and substitute this for a decaffeinated alternative such as herbal tea. A pregnant mother can also cut caffeine altogether from her diet to promote her baby’s health. Caffeine is also found in sugary drinks and some types of chocolate, so check that you aren’t consuming too much to keep promoting the health of your baby during pregnancy.

Recreational drugs should not be consumed by a pregnant mother. These are unpredictable, unsafe and dangerous consumables especially when pregnant. If you need help with this, speak to your doctor for advice and seek online support here

You don’t need to wait for your baby to be born before you can start teaching and promoting their health. There are many ways a pregnant mother can promote her baby’s health including eating a balanced diet with good nutrition, getting regular exercise, creating a good sleeping pattern and keeping fluids up. That all being said, the most important thing is to try to keep relaxed. Allow yourself to feel proud of your body and the amazing job it’s doing growing your bundle of joy!

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