Weaning and Teething Together

Teething tends to start at around the 6 month mark, which just so happens to be the same time that the introduction of solid foods is recommended for an infant's diet. Though there may be some frustrating moments, we at Matchstick Monkey think that a lot of what can be anxiety-inducing for parents is the unknown, so we have compiled our top tips for keeping calm and carrying on with both weaning and teething…

Regressing? Don’t Panic!

There are times when your child might refuse solid foods, and while they’re still too young to communicate their reasoning this could appear to be stubbornness! If your infant is teething, consider that solid food might be painful on sore teeth and gums, and that it might not be a step backwards but simply something to avoid more discomfort! If your child is refusing solid foods and being fussy, try giving them milk or formula as usual and see what happens - if they drink it down it means they were likely hungry and trying to save themselves the pain. Don’t see it as a setback, it’s all part of the process! It’s okay to let weaning slide to help teething every so often, so on these occasions treat sore gums before returning to the new solid diet.

Get Blending

Soft foods, such as purees and compotes, are a great way to encourage your child to start taking in solid foods, even if they are only partially solid to start with. The benefit of giving your child blended foods is the control you have over ingredients and consistency. If your child is struggling with teething pains, consider blending their food with ice, or, if you have time, chilling blended food in the fridge for a couple of hours before giving it to your child. They will continue to reap the benefits of eating more solid foods, but the coldness of the food will also help to soothe sore gums!

Keep Pain Under Control

The discomfort of teething can lead to a whole host of other problems, from fevers to lack of appetite. Although weaning is important, it’s a slow process and you can choose when and how to do it. Teething, on the other hand, is unstoppable once it starts. If you’re worried about your little one's loss of appetite, rather than reverting to milk, try giving them chilled vegetables to chew on. Chilled carrots or cucumber sticks are ideal for this: your child can gnaw on hard vegetables, helping to soothe inflamed gums, while still taking in nutrients!

Combined Education

Both teething and weaning have a similar goal, which is to encourage your child to start chewing. A good quality teether is ideal for this, as your child can practice chewing while also massaging sore gums. Check out our full range of teethers, with different textured bumps and friendly animal shapes, to find the perfect fit for your fussy baby!