We’re Launching our first ever Matchstick Monkey children's book!

“Mum?” Minnie asked me one day, “are all the Matchstick Monkeys friends?”. “Of course they are” I answered, “they all live in the jungle together, swinging from the trees!” hoping that this sounded like a plausible story. “I thought so!” she smiled back.

Honestly, I hadn’t really thought about what the Matchstick Monkeys got up to in my kids imaginations. Thanks to Minnie, I spent the rest of the day wondering what the Matchstick Monkey’s would do, if they did come alive!

As children, you create narratives for your favourite toys. Making up scenarios where they have personalities, play games and even possibly get up to mischief when you’re not watching them. All my kids had active imaginations and love to be read stories. Listening to and telling stories is something that is natural for humans of all ages and so, why hadn’t I written a story about the characters that came straight from my own imagination?

This is where the idea for the Matchstick Monkey book came from…

Matchstick Monkey Colours Book Inside

I wanted to make something that as well as being visual and fun, could act as a tool for supporting and encouraging development. A book that was interactive with touch and feel elements that kids could get involved with. I wanted to use bold illustrations and colourful, tactile finger trails on every page that would be perfect for little hands.

After what seems like forever in the making, Colours, a finger-trail adventure following the antics of the Matchstick Monkeys as they swing, sway and swoop their way through the jungle, is finally published. The book is designed to help children learn about colours, as well as developing hand-eye coordination and pre-writing skills as they follow the action-packed journey of the characters.

Now toddlers can finally see what their cheeky Matchstick Monkey friends get up to in the jungle when they’re not busy helping to soothe teething pain!

The book is available to buy for £6.99 on Amazon and soon from our website too. If you read the book, I’d love to know what you think so please let us know via Instagram @matchstick_monkey!