The Cutest Nordic Nursery Decor Ideas

Nordic interiors are currently having a serious moment and I have to say, I absolutely love it! Nordic style is usually about white walls, natural fabrics and a minimalist style. Right now geometric patterns and pops of colour popular are popular as well as that magical Scandi touch of whimsy.

I’ve always liked incorporating natural colours and materials in my house. It’s just so easy on the eye and it feels really calming to me to be surrounded by clean lines and neutral tones.

Unfortunately, babies and children’s bedrooms easily end up being super cluttered - in fact, it’s really hard for them not to get that way! With all of the things babies need, my kids bedrooms soon end up looking a bit like a daycare store room; very un-Nordic! So, this time I’ve resolved to stick to my guns and prevail with decluttering. A calming atmosphere will mean a calmer me and a calmer baby… right?

So, here’s my inspiration from some of the cutest Nordic nursery decor ideas so far…

Modern Rocking Horse

Sheepskin is a really popular Scandi feature and this mammoth looks so cosy, who wouldn’t want to snuggle up to it? This is my favourite modern take on the rocking horse, but there are also sheep and lion versions that look just as soft. Sure, I may trip over it, bleary eyed in the middle of the night, but at least it’ll be a soft landing!

Cool Clothes Pegs

Anything to help me declutter and live the Nordic dream wins in my book so these super cute clothes pegs get lots of brownie points. Now, those previously unsightly drying towels and coats will just add to this lovely accessory!

Organic Baby Blanket

One of my favourites from the collection, this Nordic inspired breathable baby blanket is super soft and made from 100% bamboo. It goes perfectly inside a cot, pram on a single bed or as a thow and gets even softer with every wash!

Changing Station

Finding enough room for everything I need whilst keeping everything tidy is my new goal. This black and white changing station idea with hanging organisers is tidy, practical and easy to create but also really cute!

Whimsical Scenes

Normally I love white walls but this calming earthy blue makes the perfect night sky. The whimsy of the scene is a great example of Nordic style, and the wooden bear holding the moon shaped light is original and irresistable.

Adding silver and gold stars was an ingenious idea as it brightens up the room but can easily be painted over once the child gets older or you fancy a change of scene±

Basket Storage

This cot canopy with fairy lights is such a simple way to add a bit or Nordic magic to a nursery. The canopy will keep out the evening light if you don’t have blackout blinds, creating a cosy and safe feeling space for your little one. I actually really want one for my own bed…


Everyone loves a good den, especially a child full of imagination! This tipi serves as the perfect play time (or naptime, if you’re lucky) spot for toddlers and it also looks really modern and smart. Way better than draping a sheet over two chairs!

Cloud Mobile

I keep finding different versions of these cute soft cloud mobiles. The natural fabrics and felt texture just invite a squeeze and if (unlike me) you’re good at sewing, you could even have a go at making them yourself.

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