The Best Autumn Family Attractions in the UK

There’s so much to do around the UK if you’re looking for a fun, family day out in Autumn. And I don’t mean spending hours sipping bad coffee in soft play centres (more endure than enjoy). I’m talking about days out that the whole family will enjoy. From the under one’s to the great grandparents!

Although many of the best things to do this Autumn are fre e, there’s also a raft of tailor-made adventures for families. There are sometimes deals to be had after the summer holidays and before October half-term if you have older children at school so keep an eye out!

The Forbidden Corner

Deep in the North Yorkshire countryside, the Forbidden Corner is one of the most imaginative attractions for families and children I’ve ever experienced. It’s not what you expect. Another world has been carved into the landscape, leaving you with the feeling you’ve entered an Alice in Wonderland-style alternate universe.

There’s a “labyrinth of tunnels, chambers, follies and surprises” set in the four-acre garden, all ready for exploring. Kids imaginations can run wild here and it’s sure to be something they’ll remember for a long time! I don’t want to reveal too much about the place as discovering the secrets there are part of the whole experience.

The Deep Aquarium

Even babies can enjoy the underwater sights at The Deep Aquarium, one of the UK’s biggest aquariums. The underwater viewing tunnel is particularly spectacular. Colourful fish, corals and mangrove trees make for an immersive experience for children. There’s even a section of the aquarium dedicated to slime and the varied marine life that depends on it.

It’s impressive enough for everyone to leave having learned something. It’s also the perfect way to introduce children to the wonder of the ocean and the variety of animals living in it.

If you don’t live or visit the north of the country often, check out your nearest aquarium for a great rainy day out.

Safari Park

Instead of trekking to the savannah for a safari, check out one of the UK’s safari park-style adventures. Checkout a giraffe's knobbly knees as they pass your windscreen, watch a lion pride basking in a field through your rearview mirror. Kids especially will love seeing these majestic animals roaming so closely!

Chessington World of Adventures

Chessington World of Adventures invents interactive worlds that your children can delight in exploring. There are themed rooms, magical rides and soft play for kids under 0.9m as well as a zoo, sea life centre and more. Daily talks and shows including a children's show meet and greet allow kids to learn a bit more about the animals. Chessington often has deals on for midweek days and weekends before October half term.

Peppa Pig Word

Paultons Park is the home of Peppa Pig World. If you have young children who love Peppa Pig as mine do, then this is perfect. We’ve taken our children here a couple of times as they absolutely adore Peppa.

For older children who think Peppa Pig is “for babies”, there’s still the whole of Paultons park with adventures for kids of all sizes.

Hobbletown Adventure Farm

If you also have older children then they’ll love the adventurous climbing activities here. There are also archery, zorbing laser and the chance to get up close and personal with animals. Staff dressed as fun characters oversee the park to add an extra magical element to the exploration!

Explore the courtyard with its sensory sand pits, the mining village where you can dig and delve, an indoor play barn complete with a gated area for under 3’s and the climbable higgledy-piggledy village!

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Ps. There is no affiliation between Matchstick Monkey and any of the attractions mentioned