Taking Care of Newborn Skin


While newborn skin has a reputation for being soft and smooth, any parent will tell you that is a labour of love, as baby skin is super sensitive to rashes and dryness. Finding the right products for you and your baby can be a choice overload, but as long as you keep it simple (and effective!) you can easily achieve the right balance.

Sensitive skin and being prone to soreness are not new things for babies, but the quality of products formulated for them is better than ever before. Take our SOS Baby Balm, for instance: not only does it soothe sore skin and provide gentle relief for redness and irritation, it’s also hypoallergenic and extensively dermatologically tested, meaning you no longer have to spend your precious time scanning ingredient lists to ensure they’re free from parabens and other yucky elements. The effects of chamomile as a calming agent have been hailed since ancient Egyptian times, and in using this we’ve found a way to mix old wisdom with new technology to provide your baby with the smoothest, calmest, happiest skin. 


Baby Mother Newborn Skincare


When setting up your baby’s skincare routine, simplicity is key: there’s no need to faff about with endless products, just follow these three easy steps:


Cleanse: How often you give your baby a bath depends on age and activity, and you should avoid washing them too often as it might dry out their skin. On bath days, try using our Baby Hair and Body Wash to gently bathe your baby. Designed to lock in moisture, our pH balanced wash will keep delicate skin and hair clean and fresh without irritation.


Moisturise: After a bath or a little moist towel cleansing, rub our Baby Body Lotion lightly into your little one’s skin to lock in moisture for nourished skin day in and out. Or, for deeper moisturisation, try out Mother & Baby Massage Oil, which not only comforts and soothes your baby, but can be a godsend for your own tired skin, too!


Protect: Much of newborn skincare is preventative, aiming to keep common nappy rashes and other nasty skin inflammations at bay. Use our Massage Oil or SOS Baby Balm to soothe any irritated patches, and protect baby’s skin from irritants and chafing. Our SOS Baby Balm contains natural beeswax to create a moisture barrier, working much like petroleum jelly but without any of the mineral oil or other pore-clogging ingredients.

Super simple and super effective, once you have this routine down you’ll find your baby has healthier, happier skin - so you can spend more time on your own skincare regime.