Reasons to get the amazing toothbrush-like teether toy for your teething baby

Matchstick Monkey is more than just a toothbrush teething toy. It is specially designed to help teething babies, pass through this period with ease. It can be very difficult when using your fingers to apply gels or granules to your baby’s back gums their little front teeth are razor sharp & can give a painful bite! Apart from the pain, using your fingers can also be unhygienic and you might not be able to apply the gels to the right place. Allow your baby to touch those areas where he or she is feeling the pain with the Matchstick Monkey. All you need to do is to apply your gel or granules onto the toothbrush bristles at the back of the head and allow your baby to chew the gel into the sore spot.

Matchstick Monkey is the only teething gel applicator with toothbrush style bristles which helps to get teething gels right to the source of the pain. Another unique point about Matchstick Monkey is that your children can handle it with ease. The handles are small enough for them to grab, without it falling away from their hands. It is also made specially to prevent children from sticking it too far down their throats. A major concern for parents is that children want to put everything they lay their hands on in their mouth, which might make them choke. Matchstick Monkey has been made to ensure the safety of your child. It has been made to prevent children from putting it too far down their throat or inflict injuries on their gums.

The Matchstick Monkey is a toothbrush teething toy that has been specially designed to make the teething experience easier for mothers and their babies. Apart from the comfortable tiny handle that makes it easier for babies to grip, preventing them from sticking it too far down their throat, the toothbrush toy also has perfect length bristles for accurate distribution of your chosen gel. You can add the right quantity of your desired teething gel on the Matchstick Monkey Toothbrush Teething toy and your baby will assist you by applying it to their gums by his or herself.

One thing parents should be weary about is the quality of the material of anything they give to their children to put in their month. Some are made from materials that could release hazardous substances, which are harmful to kids. When we created our toothbrush teether, the first thing we considered was that the types of materials chose were healthy for babies to put in their mouths. The Matchstick Monkey teether is made from a high quality silicone material that is healthy for children to use in their mouths. All the materials used are eco-friendly and FDA approved. We care for both you and your baby, we want you both, to be happy and scale through this teething period with ease. This toothbrush Teether can also serve as a learning tool for your children. Guiding your children to cultivate good dental hygiene habits early is not a bad thing.

If your teething baby is keeping you up at night, then the Matchstick Monkey can help. You can sooth your baby’s sore gums as well as care for her new teeth with this amazing toothbrush teething toy. Help your little ones overcome their teething challenges with this amazing toy that offers fun, comfort and act as a learning aid to babies from a young age.