My Baby’s First Halloween: Top Tips for Parents

Halloween is a fun time for all the family, there’s something to enjoy for everyone from the youngest to oldest members! Between pumpkin patches, trick-or-treating and costumes, there is an endless amount of themes and activities that you can adapt to include even the youngest child for an enjoyable holiday for everyone. Read on for our top tips for a fun and safe Halloween with your toddler or baby!

Dressing Up

Costumes for babies and toddlers are the most fun, partly because they’re incredibly cute, and partly because your child is not yet at an age where they can argue with your choices! While having creative control can be very exciting, remember to rein it in for functionality. Dressing your baby as a ketchup bottle might be adorable beyond words, but if it’s a onesie that’s a bit fussy to get on and off you might encounter some issues. Remember that most of the same things apply to dressing for Halloween as for any other day: make sure there are different layers for different temperatures, and that your baby’s costume is easy to remove quickly in case of an emergency nappy change! Bring a change of normal clothes with you wherever you go just in case, as your baby’s comfort is top priority, and it would be a shame to have to go home from trick-or-treating or a party just to get them out of an uncomfortable costume!

Have a Party

For little ones that are too young to fully appreciate trick-or-treating, a Halloween party is the perfect compromise! Having your own setup means that you can control the sugars and snacks that your child consumes, and also gives you an opportunity to involve your child in the excitement of the holiday. Enlist your child’s help in setting up decorations, pouring food into bowls, or even picking the music! Different sensory experiences, like bowls with funny textures are also a great way of connecting them to the event. 


Take a Pram

Even if your toddler is newly walking, the stop-start nature of going door to door can be exhausting and bring on crankiness in even the most sugar-inspired children. Do yourself a favour and choose to take a pram, even if your child insists on walking at first. This gives you not only the opportunity to seat your tired child, but can also be a fun part of costuming! Think of a fun way to decorate your child’s pram and do it together to create a fantasy and encourage them to choose to sit when they start feeling tired! We also recommend to bring their favourite teether or toy to make sure your kid is content. 


Keep it Healthy

While it’s difficult to altogether avoid sugar over Halloween, it can wreak havoc in your child’s mouth. Try using the holiday as an opportunity to teach your little one about oral health! Use a silicone finger toothbrush for infants and toddlers with few teeth to make sure their gums are clear of sugar, and explain what you’re doing as you go to encourage them to continue the good habit throughout their lives!

Enjoy yourself and make lots of memories! 🎃