Hey everyone and welcome to our July edition of Motherhood Minis, featuring bitesize interviews with real mums. A quick unfiltered glimpse into the lives of our Matchstick Monkey parents and their little ones! 

This week, we chat with the lovely Rhiarn Fyfield. Rhiarn is mother to the beautiful Elijah and lives here in the UK. Her Instagram @elijah_andmummy is dedicated to talking about her journey through motherhood and giving advice on products she is loving right now for her little one.

At Matchstick Monkey, we catch up with mums across the UK to chat about the challenges of motherhood (yes we all know it can be a challenge time to time), but most importantly how rewarding it is. 

1. How many children do you have? 

I have one child whose name is Elijah and he is five months old. 

2. Do you have any pets? 

2 dogs 

3. What region of the country do you live in? 

I live in Swansea, Wales.

4. What are your favourite aspects about being a parent? 

Watching my little one growing up and learning new things everyday! 

5. Of all the baby stages, which have you found the most challenging? 

The newborn stage is definitely the hardest as I had to learn everything! Being a new mum certainly had its challenges, but it is definitely worth it! 

6. What are your top tips for dealing with the day after a less than restful night?

Surprisingly, I haven’t struggled with a restless night as Elijah sleeps from 8pm-8am (I know, I am extremely lucky!)

7. What was the best advice that you could give to an expectant mum/dad? 

My best advice would be be prepared and always think positive - you’ve got this! 

8. Do you see yourself as an influencer? 

Yes - I love meeting new mums everyday on social media and I enjoy giving advice on products I am loving right now for Elijah.

9. Why do you think your account has become so popular, is this something you planned from the start? 

Yes. I had always planned to make my account popular and I think it’s gotten popular because I post a lot of baby content. 

10. How old were your children when they started to teeth? 

3/4 months old.

11. Did any of your children have symptoms of teething, or did they just come through without a fuss? 

Elijah had rosey cheeks while teething. 

Fun Fact: Rosy-red cheeks are a common sign of teething. Your baby's cheeks go red because the tooth that is coming through the gum can cause irritation. You may notice that your baby's cheeks also feel warm.

12. Did you use any teething products? If so, what helped?

I am a BIG fan of Matchstick Monkey and have also been using dentinox teething gel and it has always eased the pain.