Motherhood Minis: Bitesize Interviews with Real Mums - 21st Century Parenting with Francesca @lavendarcottage

Welcome to our third interview of the series, Motherhood Minis, featuring bitesize interviews with real mums. A quick inside look into the lives of our Matchstick Monkey parents and their little ones! 

This week we’re catching up with mum, wife, blogger and interiors enthusiast Francesca from @lavendarcottage to find out what it’s like being a 21st Century Instagram mum, on being recognised in the street and the importance of a good breakfast! 

Mum to 6 month old Aofie, Francesca lives with her family in East Midlands, Northamptonshire along with their English Bulldog, Luther and pet goldfish. Francesca is candid, honest and at times hilariously funny. Sharing the everyday joys and dilemmas of parenthood with her followers, it’s easy to see why her down to earth comments resonate with so many mums.

Francesca, how has your growing Instagram following changed your day to day life? 

I've met some fab ladies through Instagram! I'm also lucky that brands want to work with Aoife and I giving me opportunities that I wouldn't normally have had. I've also been recognised which is so strange as in comparison to other Instagram accounts, I'm fairly small!

Do you see yourself as an influencer now? 

I wouldn't say I'm an influencer, more of a 21st Century Instagram Mum ...if that's a thing?

Why do you think your account has become so popular, is this something you planned from the start? 

I like to think I'm quite funny at times, and this just comes through how much I share with my followers as I am a classic oversharer! I just set out to share photos of my house and it just evolved into more of a lifestyle account.

What are your favourite aspects about being a mum? 

I love having a little friend with me all the time who you can giggle with at silly things. The fact Aoife looks to me for reassurance, comfort and love is the cutest thing! I also love choosing all her outfits for the day and matching them to mine!

Of all the baby stages, which have you found the most challenging? 

When Aoife was four months, she was going through leap four, the infamous sleep regression, her teeth popped out and she was poorly (I mean, come on!) This was quite tiring in the day because she was slightly irritable so you had to keep her entertained every minute of the day!

How old was Aofie when she started to teeth? 

3 and a half months!

Did Aofie have any other symptoms of teething, or did they just come through without a fuss? 

Aoife's bottom teeth came through with no problems at all! I thought she was dribbling a lot because she'd found her mouth but nope!

Did you use any teething products? If so, what helped? 

We used Matchstick Monkey which was the most baby-friendly teether as she could hold it herself and it flexed really well. We have also started using boots own homeopathic teething granules which seem to keep the dribbling slightly at bay!

What are your top tips for dealing with the day after a less than restful night? 

Having a good breakfast and lots of yummy snacks throughout the day! Some days I would stay in my pyjamas but actually having a shower and getting myself ready for the day made me feel better. Also lots of cuddles because this can calm your baby listening to your heartbeat and this gives you a chance just to rest and watch all the trashy tv to your heart's content.

What was the best advice that you could give to an expectant mum/dad? 

Do everything at your own pace. Try to be as laid back as possible because half of the time something unexpected will crop up. If you're late to lunch, never mind! If your baby is sick all over the outfit you've been waiting to put them in, just get another outfit out! You got this!