Matchstick Monkey's Seasonal Gift Guide for Young Families

It’s almost Christmas, so we’ve been scouting out the very best gifts around for babies, toddlers and young families. We all want to give that special present that becomes an instant favourite, but choosing can be pretty hard!

We’ve tried to help by distilling our wish lists down to our absolute favourites, products we’ve either used ourselves or stumbled across at trade shows and awards ceremonies. There’s so much innovation around at the moment, you really had to be pretty good to get onto this list! Get ready to see the joy on the faces of your family and friends as they open the perfect gift.


Does your baby fall sound asleep when you’re pushing them in the pram or pushchair, then wake up immediately as soon as you let go of the handle? Yep, ours too. Babies just love that feeling of being pushed or rocked. It makes them feel safe and secure knowing you’re close by, and the comforting rocking motion soothes them to sleep. When that sensation stops, your baby knows something’s changed and wakes right up to figure out what’s going on. Parents need three hands, right?

Well, we won’t be growing another appendage anytime soon, but we can get the next best thing, RockIt.

RockIt is a nifty device that attaches to the handle of any pushchair or pram, generating the same side-to-side motion babies feel when being pushed along the pavement. It’s inventor, Dr Nick Webb (PhD in Sound and Vibration Engineering) noticed his 3-month-old daughter would wake when this motion stopped, so he could stop for a rest and she’d be none the wiser. It’s not just a gadget, it’s a science.

Memories of Growing Up

Babies groe changed from a teeny tiny bundle of joy to a walking, talkingw so quickly; before you know it they’v toddler! We love to treasure special memories of our little ones, and one great way to do this is with Talltape from Memories of Growing up.

Beautifully illustrated, Talltape is fun, decorative and educational. It can be placed on the wall, in the nursery, playroom or on the floor for easy measuring! It’s the perfect present for new parents or parents to be.

Nanners Manners

Master mealtimes with these ingenious knives and forks by Nanners Manners. This clever cutlery makes it easy for your little one to eat confidently and independently. The specially shaped handles teach little hands how to hold a knife and fork. And the bright colours are fun and appealing for kids.

Free Rider Co wrap

When we become parents, we don’t just lose or change our sense of style. Free Rider Co completely understands this and has created a beautiful array of baby wraps that are practical but look great. Made from Tencel, the stretchy material keeps babies comfy whilst holding them safely.

Animal Teethers

We might be biased, but we couldn’t complete the list without some of our most popular Matchstick Monkey products! These unique Animal Teethers are a great present for any baby or parent because as well as looking great, they really work!

Super cute animal characters help ease baby’s sore gums, whilst providing an easy and hygienic way to apply teething gel or granules. Perfect for tiny hands to grip, the ergonomic design helps babies develop essential motor skills whilst they chew. The clever bumps on the back of the head can also act as a pre-training toothbrush.

Soft bamboo blanket

A gorgeous gift that would look stylish in any nursery, and can be treasured for a long time to come! This super-soft blanket is perfect to use over your baby's cot, on a single bed, as a throw or as the softest comforter. Your baby will love how soft and cosy it is. Made from only the best quality materials, the 100% luxury bamboo is made to last, and gets even softer the more you wash it.