Matchstick Monkey Gift Guide for All Ages

Shopping for gifts can be challenging, especially when buying for infants and toddlers! As it’s not always immediately obvious what babies need, especially if you’re not a parent or around little kids very much, a little bit of guidance could be helpful in pointing you in the right direction… Cue our holiday gift guide! We have organised our guide by age, so you only need to know how old the recipient is for great inspiration on what to get them!

0 - 3 months

The first few months of a baby’s life are all about setting routines, so you’re best off shopping for items that help to solidify these! Our Babycare range is full of gentle products for Bathtime, which can help them get used to bathing and relaxing. Something essential like our Baby Body & Hair Wash is the ideal gift for daily use, or you can refine your choice to help tackle common baby issues, such as our SOS Baby Balm for nappy rashes or sensitive skin!

3 - 6 months

As babies start to grow so does their awareness of the world around them - making it a perfect time to provide interesting stimulation! Reading to young infants has been proven to help with social and cognitive development, so a book is a great option. Check out our Matchstick Monkey Book, made with thick cardboard to help babies with gripping and taking part in the reading process! 

6 - 9 months

The 6 month mark brings on an exciting new adventure - teething! While this is an amazing part of a child’s development, it’s often also a challenging moment as the process itself can be very painful. For children in this age range, consider gifting a teether. Teethers not only help babies to soothe their discomfort independently, but can also be a comforting item to help with self-settling and sleeping, so it’s not only a gift for the baby, but for their parents or guardians, too!

9 - 12 months

After a baby’s teeth start cutting through, the next step is weaning off of milk and onto pureed, and eventually solid, foods. Check out our Mealtime range for plates and cutlery, with everything from Anti-Slip Bowls to keep food stable on the table, to our Animal Snack Mat with puzzle components to help with motor function development - there’s something for every baby!

12 months +

Once babies reach the one-year mark it’s easier to get creative and fun with gifts. Think about things that help to develop essential skills as well as being enjoyable! A great direction to go in for this age group is Bathtime products, such as an animal Hair Rinser to involve young children in their bathing routines, or a Slide Set to help with the development of hand-eye coordination and motor skills! Check out our full Bathtime range for further inspiration!

For more inspiration for great gifts for infants and toddlers, check out our Gift range!