Launch Of The Flat Face Teether!

Matchstick Monkey are proud to announce a brand new product range - the Flat Face Teether

The Flat Face Teether is small, lightweight and the perfect size for tiny hands. Your little ones can chew to their heart's content whilst getting right to the source of the pain. The Flat Face Teether provides your baby with:


A small, soft teether with different textures helping massage sore gums

The shape of our flat face teethers makes it easy for your baby to hold. There are also lots of textured bumps and surfaces to help massage those sore gums, too! 


Lightweight, ergonomic design for babies to hold from a very young age

Whether you've ever seen a toddler trying to pass on a toy to their newborn brother or sister, you will notice a baby's inability to fully grasp these items. Babies are interested in one thing at that point - and that is you. When they're beginning to grasp your finger and by adding other fun toys (or even teethers into the mix) for babies to hold, will help them with that ability.


Helps soothe sore gums as your baby chews

Teething toys help ease some of your baby's discomfort, as they offer a healthy and clean surface for chewing. Therefore, chewing on teething toys can help with the rising pressure in those pearly whites!


Contains BioCote® Antimicrobial Technology throughout, making it easier to keep hygienically clean 

The BioCote® Antimicrobial Technology helps keep germs at bay, whilst the textured bumps gently massage your baby's gums to relieve pain. This reduces microbes on the surface of the teether to make it even more hygienic, especially when you’re on the go.


Fridge Friendly

Teethers that can be cooled in the fridge give babies who experience teething pain an extra degree of comfort. Although just chewing on teething toys generates pressure that helps relieve pain, there is just nothing like cold relief on sore gums.


Can be cleaned in the dishwasher, the steam or cold water steriliser or simply with hot water and soap

For parents, it can be difficult to know how clean a teether  - with some teethers out there not being dishwasher friendly. With Matchstick Monkey, all of our products are dishwasher and steam friendly. You can read more about this by visiting our blog post on how to clean teething toys


BPA Free Silicone

Silicone is rubber-like material that is considered hypoallergenic, biocompatible, dishwasher safe, and BPA-free, making it a great option for teething babies! 


Comes in three designs!

Our Flat Face Teethers come in these exciting characters -  the Flat Giraffe Teether, the Flat Lion Teether and the Flat Monkey Teether (I know my personal favourite is the monkey!)


Textured silicone teether to clip on while on the go

With an area on the teether which allows you to add straps or clips too, this can provide you with some reassurance that you won’t be losing the teether anytime soon! Therefore, the Flat Face Teether is perfect for keeping in your baby bag when you're on the go. 


Suitable from 3 months to 3 years, but especially perfect for very young babies

When it comes to teething, all babies are different. However, your baby will probably get their first tooth during their first year. Yet, most babies start teething at around 6 months. That is why the Matchstick Monkey Teethers are suitable for newborns up until toddlers - with their quirky designs, your baby is bound to love the Matchstick Monkey Flat Face Teether!