How To Soothe A Teething Baby During The Night

Any parent will tell you that the teething stage is a very tricky time for both parents and babies alike. When your baby’s teeth start pushing through their gums, this causes aching, pain and general discomfort to them. Even the most relaxed babies can become fussy and irritable during their teething stage. It’s totally understandable - your baby can’t communicate with you using sentences, and therefore feels frustrated, uncomfortable and grumpy! 

Teething can cause babies that usually sleep through the night to wake up and cry. Even if you have fallen into a healthy sleeping schedule, this schedule can be disrupted by the added discomfort of teething. Losing sleep is never fun for neither baby nor parent, so in this blog you will find tips on how to soothe a baby that is teething during the night. 

Keeping hold of your well-established routine

Although teething can be an obstacle to your baby’s sleeping routine, sticking to their bedtime rituals as much as you can will help them to sleep better through the discomfort. Babies thrive on routine, so even if they are fussing and giving you resistance, maintaining their well-established routine will help their bodies to feel relaxed and fall asleep more easily. 

Although you might have to modify this a little bit, such as staying with them to comfort them while they fall asleep, the main structure of your little one’s bedtime routine should stay the same.

How to soothe teething pain in your baby

If your baby is showing signs that their gums are in a lot of pain, you might be wondering how to soothe your crying baby and help them feel more at ease. There are plenty of remedies for this, which include:

Rubbing their gums with a clean, cold finger. Of course you can’t do this for hours on end, but for some immediate relief,  rubbing your baby’s gums with a cool fingertip can help.

Offer your baby a teething toy. Allowing them to safely bite down on any of the teethers in the Matchstick Monkey teething range, without a choking risk. Teethers can help soothe a crying baby who is struggling with teething in a safe and hygienic way. The sensation of biting down can give immediate relief, which is why your little one is desperate to bite down on everything at this stage!

Try a numbing gel. There are plenty of over-the-counter remedies that help to numb the gums and give a better rest all-round. These can be applied directly to your baby’s mouth and can help your baby sleep soundly. 

Checking your baby’s temperature during the teething stage

Some babies develop a mild temperature when they are teething. This is relatively normal and isn’t anything to worry about, but if your baby develops a high fever during this stage you should take them to see a doctor right away.

Soothing your crying baby while they are teething can be a frustrating challenge; you want them to be comfortable, and the tiredness won’t help. Try these options for a better night’s sleep for you and your baby while they are teething.

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