Happy Baby + Happy Mum = Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is coming up, so to celebrate, we wanted to post an article celebrating all things mum! We’ve also included some tips to treat your baby this Mother’s Day, because we all know, when baby is happy - mum’s much happier too!

When you become a parent, you realise how much hard work goes into it. That’s why it’s often when we have our own children that we can only fully appreciate the sacrifices our own parents made, and how much they must have loved us! That’s why it’s so nice to celebrate days like Mother’s day and Father’s day. Not because we need to be told to show recognition, just because there’s at least one day when there’s a real excuse for us to put our feet up ;). 

I’ve come up with a list of some of my favourite ways to spend Mother’s Day, with most of them involving the whole family! 

Nutritious treats

Although supermarket baby food is really convenient, it’s nowhere near as good (or as cost effective) as homemade baby food. If you’re getting cooked for this Mother’s Day, how about throwing some hints by sending someone this list of amazing recipe ideas we found for babies and parents! 

Stay in and snuggle

After the recent cold weather (what a palaver that was), staying in and snuggling up away from the cold never sounded more appealing! Instead of forcing your little ones into snowsuits and hats, stay inside, light the fire or grab a cosy blanket for you and baby and settle down for a relaxing, guilt free day!

Sleeping Baby in Matchstick Monkey Blanket

Get Creative

If you’re trying to find that perfect card for Mother’s day - why not make one with your children! There is plenty of child safe, non-toxic paint available from reputable online retailers and who doesn’t love a cute baby foot or handprint? If your children are a bit older and can use a paintbrush, why not teach them how to make those squish/butterfly paintings!

Squish Painting Activity

It’s a great excuse to give Mum a nice break for a couple of hours whilst you entertain the kids and create an unforgettable masterpiece. Well, maybe masterpiece is too strong a word, but you never know, you may have the next Picasso on your hands!

Mother and baby photoshoot

Mother Kissing Baby

The days you have with your children when they’re young often feel like they’re the most precious, but they go by so quickly! There will always be lots of photos of baby, but as it’s often Mum who’s taking them, she can miss out on being in the photo (I know that’s true of me, even though I’m not a huge fan of pictures of me, I’d like a few more with my children!).

Why not organise a mother and baby photoshoot? Most portrait photographers who work with kids are well aware of their potential mood swings so are prepared if things don’t go 100% to plan, but you’re guaranteed to end up with some great printed and digital images for you and perhaps, grandma too!