Great Days Out & Fun Things to do with the Family this Easter

Easter kind of loses its magic a bit in adulthood, when you realise that your waistline won’t allow you to guzzle chocolate eggs for breakfast guilt free. Your family stop buying you (as many) easter eggs and everyone you know is discussing what they’re going to give up for lent.

Then suddenly you have children and Easter is fun again! You get to share in their excitement for this religious festival, now so synonymous with chocolate.  Now that you’ve got a great excuse to buy one, you begin to eye up the fun chocolate eggs in the supermarket. I hope you’re one of those lucky few who’s darlings will let you have more than a crumb of it once it’s opened (unless they’re not looking)!

But, as we know, Easter isn’t all about chocolate. It’s a great opportunity to get out and about with the family, organise some fun activities and spend some quality time together.

So, in celebration, here are some ideas for great days out and fun things to do with the family this Easter...

Mario Decorated Easter Eggs

Teddy Bears Picnic

It’s really easy to organise your own Teddy Bears Picnic. Get a group together and have each person bring along one dish for the adults and a smaller child friendly snack. Take some big picnic blankets and head down to the nearest park, and invite each child to bring along their favourite teddy. 

If you’re in the mood to make more of a spectacle, hire a teddy bear costume and have one of the adults dress up and hide nearby, coming to join the party once they’ve been spotted by the children!

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Eggs

Ok, so we’re now back to chocolate, but not all the eggs have to me made of the sweet stuff! Hide small sweet or real (hard boiled!) eggs around the house or garden and get everyone to search until they’ve found them all! 

If you have older children too, try adding some clues to your Easter egg hunt! I love rhyming clues but I’m not very good at thinking of them myself. If, like me, you’re not great at this either, try checking out these handy, rhyming printable clues here.

Paint the shells of the hard boiled eggs (see below) and nibble the chocolate ones for the rest of the day.

Easter Egg Decorating Competition

Now it’s time to let everyone’s imagination run wild! After everyone’s found the hard boiled eggs you’ve hidden and they have arrived at your table in tact, the competition can start! Gather together some props as well as an egg decorating toolkit, and begin… (some people might want to draw out their design ideas on paper before they start making!) 

Egg decorating toolkit suggestions: 

  • Pipe cleaners
  • Plasticine or Play Doh
  • Coloured felt tip pens
  • Dollhouse props 
  • Food colouring (to use as paints)

Easter Biscuit Baking

You could bake anything of course, but biscuits are great for children who aren’t yet old enough to eat much chocolate! This healthy rusk recipe here is perfect for babies!

Alternatively, for older children, try baking a simple gingerbread recipe and cutting out egg and bunny rabbit shapes to decorate once the biscuits are cool. 

Carrot Throwing

To incorporate some more physical activity into the day, why not try a spot of carrot throwing? 

What you’ll need:

  • Large cardboard box or sheet of cardboard at least 1.5 metres high
  • Black thick felt tip marker pen
  • Scissors
  • Drawing skills
  • Bag of carrots

Get the cardboard sheet or box and draw a large cartoon bunny sat up on its hind legs. Cut out a large round hole for the stomach area, and another for the mouth. 

Allow each child (and parent) to pick a carrot. Then, one-by-one, everyone can have a go at throwing the carrot into the belly or mouth of the bunny. Give extra points for getting the carrot in the mouth! 

Once you’re done, why not collect all the carrots and make a carrot and coriander soup?!

If you’ve got any great ideas for Easter activities or days out, let us know! Send us an email or message us on Facebook or Instagram. We’d love to hear them.