Gifts to Last: The Best Christmas Gifts for Babies and Toddlers in 2018

What do you get a baby for their first Christmas?

Although babies and toddlers probably won’t remember anything of their early Christmases, being surrounded by love and family is sure to have a positive impact on their early development.

Babies won’t grasp the concept of presents yet, so, maybe the best thing to get a baby for Christmas is something that they (or their parents) actually need. This doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of cute gift ideas! Here are a few:

Organic Cotton Muslins 

Matchstick Monkey Pink Muslin

Super-soft muslins are always a great present for babies. Not only are they practical - you can also find really cute designs that will look adorable, even when they’re being chewed! Our organic cotton muslins have a PBA free chewable teething label too, so they’re perfect for when your little one’s teeth start appearing!

Save the Rainforest

If you want to do something meaningful and invest in a baby’s future, why not donate on their behalf to protect the rainforest?

Non-profit organisations like Cool Earth work alongside rainforest communities to halt deforestation and its impact on climate change. They work on the front line of deforestation, empowering local communities to make millions of acres of rainforest inaccessible to loggers. Right now, each donation you make is matched, doubling your contribution.


Matchstick Monkey Grey Mini Teether

According to the NHS, babies can start teething from before they are 4 months old, but the average baby will start teething around 6 months. This makes a teether the perfect Christmas present. Not only will it help your baby during their teething period and beyond, but some teethers can also help to develop their motor skills too. The Matchstick Monkey mini-teether is designed specifically with babies in mind. Little hands can easily grasp the textured loops to bring the teether right to the source of any pain.

What should I get my toddler for Christmas?

Once your baby gets a bit older, you could start to get a bit more creative with the Christmas presents. This is the time I like to invest in things that can be used for years to come and then passed onto any friends or family children. Here are some of our favourites…

Stacking Blocks

 Wooden Blocks for Babies

These stacking blocks from Babies with Love are perfect for young toddlers and would look great in any kids bedroom or nursery. The illustrations of fish, numbers, shapes and colours help your toddler learn through play and the wood is made from sustainable sources. Even better, 100% of the profits go to help orphaned children, so you can also help to make Christmas a more special time for children less fortunate than your own.

Story Books

We’ve already written about some of our the best new books for babies and toddlers in 2018, but in case you need a little reminder, our recommendations include:

  • What is Poo?
    ● Matchstick Monkey Colours
    ● Tails Are Not For Pulling
    ● That’s Not My Puppy

Matchstick Monkey Gift Set

Matchstick Monkey Green Gift Set

Make a baby or toddlers Christmas really special with this super cute gift set of three of the most popular Matchstick Monkey products. The gift set includes the Dancing Monkey Teether Toy, Knitted Hanging Monkey and 100% Organic Cotton Muslin.


Wooden Xylophone for Babies

Ignite a love of composing and playing music for fun with a musical instrument! After all, Mozart started when he was a toddler too! The xylophone is a child-friendly instrument and something they can enjoy for years - especially if you get one with around 12 or more notes.

We hope this list has given you a bit of Christmas inspiration! We’d love to hear what’s on Santa’s list this year for your little ones, so let us know on Instagram or Twitter @matchstick_monkey.