Easy & Quick Home Decoration Ideas

More and more people are using lockdown to revamp their houses by redecorating, doing some DIY, gardening or even conducting a big spring clean. 

There’s never been a better opportunity to take on some of those interior and exterior jobs that you have meant to do for so long. In these unusual times, beginning and finishing a DIY or cleaning project always gives you a strong sense of accomplishment and intent which is great as it will keep your mind and body busy.

So, dust off your craft kit and channel your inner creativity during lockdown by dipping into something artistic to help keep you and the kids occupied!

Decorating – Painting & Wallpapering 

Have you been meaning to redecorate a room for ages? Well now is the perfect time to get started! Maybe repaint and refresh a bedroom, bathroom, hall, dining room, utility room or conservatory. You could even teach yourself how to wallpaper using Youtube videos to help! 

Use the internet to find different ideas for the space, colour variations and inspiration - Pinterest is a great site for ideas (trust me!)

Some DIY shops are shipping and some are also providing a click and collecting service, so if you're finishing your painting and wallpapering now, you can still remove your flooring and furniture if you need to raise the lockdown.

Upcycling & Revamping Furniture

Upcycling furniture is a great way to take outdated and unloved furniture pieces and make them look refreshed and like furniture freshly brought in. It's a perfect way to add elegance and more often a theme to your home at a much lower cost than purchasing new ones, as well as saving the environment from any old garbage products and the consequences of making new furniture.

Upcycling can be a fun and satisfying way to give your space the style you're looking for and you'll be overwhelmingly pleased with turning an old piece of furniture into something you love. Everyone says that any time they have upcycled something that they feel a sense of pride and are proud of what they have made when they look at their new product, use it or see someone else using it.

Always use professional furniture paint when painting furniture, and be sure to sand and prime the surface (especially when dealing with wooden pieces) to ensure even coverage. You can go a step further to add details to the paintwork by using a stencil to make a more complicated pattern or by using the tape of the painter to depict a geometric design with different colours. Apart from painting a pre-loved item, replacing the legs or handles is another way to spruce up your current furniture, or even re-upholstering seat pads or an old ottoman with new fabric.

For some tools, visit websites such as Amazon or B&Q.

Revamping Kitchen Cupboards

If you have an old kitchen or are just fed up with your new one then during this time you can easily revamp your cupboard doors. If these are wooden doors with paint or varnish then use the same method as above as if using Grime Go and Home Strip ® Paint and Varnish Remover you were upcycling an old piece of furnish. It will restore your kitchen cupboards and woodwork to their original state and you can then repaint or varnish them the colour you wish. This will make your kitchen look and sound like a new one.

Spring Cleaning Jobs During Lockdown

General Spring Cleaning during lockdown is a perfect and relaxing way to spend time doing the stuff you just don't have time for; deep cleaning of your kitchen, oven, fridge, window and door frames, carpet and fabric furnishings. (I clean my house nearly everyday due to boredom!)

Garden Jobs During Lockdown

During the lockdown, cleaning out your garden will make you feel better when the good weather is here and you can then relax outside and enjoy all your hard work. Cleaning the patio, decking, upcycling and refurbishing of garden furniture, scraping and painting of exterior door frames, doors and woodwork. (I know the UK has amazing weather right now, so take advantage!!)


Wall Hangings 

Decorate bare walls with an alternative to framed prints or photographs, and try your hand to hang a wall in Boho style. To build your pattern, all you need is a wooden, metal or plastic rod, and some yarn. Make tassels or pom poms from your yarn (there are several tutorials available online) and add them to your central rod to make a unique pattern.

You might add beads to your yarn strings for more decorative touches, or even dip-dye the ends for a fun twist.


Label Making

Most of us use this time of lockdown to declutter our homes and rearrange our housing. Chalkboard vinyl, or sticky-back acrylic, is a simple way to attach variable labels from kitchen canisters to craft room supplies. Cut labels off the roll and simply stick them onto your storage container surface for fast and simple updating (I stole this idea from Mrs. Hinch!)

We hope you found some of those ideas helpful or inspiring...I know I have a bedroom to paint today - wish me luck!