Christmas Gift Guide for Babies and Toddlers

Christmas Gift Guide for Babies and Toddlers

 The countdown to Christmas has officially started and we are starting to get that festive feeling. The holidays become just that more special when you celebrate it with a small child. Gifting something special for the little ones is not an easy task – you want it to be meaningful, something they love using but stylish at the same time. So here are our top tips we put together that might help you in your search:


Smaller Babies (under 15months)

Babies won’t grasp the concept of presents yet, however they will probably pick up on the buzzing holiday atmosphere. For children in this age range, consider gifting a teether. Teethers not only help babies to soothe their discomfort independently, but can also be a comforting item to help with self-settling and sleeping, so it’s not only a gift for the baby, but for their parents too! But being practical about it doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of cute gifts out there!

 Here are a few ideas for Babies and Toddlers:

Something to stimulate the senses

One of the things that’s pretty handy about young children is that, well, they can be entertained by more or less anything! So when you’re looking for a gift for your kids, think about what will be both engaging and help them in their development. There are great sustainable wooden options you can buy that will help their fine motor skills and keep them fascinated at the same time


Something they can use every day

Maybe the best thing to get a baby for Christmas is something that they (or their parents) can actually use for longer and in different ways. A teething set they'll love or high quality play mat is something that can bring them joy every day.


Something that sparks the imagination

Kids can really show their creative nature with a toy that works as a blank canvas – sometimes literally!


Something that gets them moving

Little One’s also enjoy the endorphin rush that movement brings us and lots of exercise helps them train their gross motor skills and appreciate and active lifestyle.  For toddlers, bathtime can provide hours of fun on a rainy day - we've got the perfect selection for you 😊!