Chic Childrens Bedroom Ideas You'll Want for Yourself

Being a creative person I love designing and decorating, but I was still feeling tiniest bit of sadness was decorating Coco’s bedroom. It only seemed like yesterday when we were busy putting the nursery together, she’s grown up so quickly!

As your children grow up their needs are different, so for me I wanted my children’s bedrooms to reflect this. I want their room to be somewhere that they can explore, interact and engage with, as well as somewhere they feel safe and comfortable in.

Whilst doing a bit of design research (my favourite kind because it involves spending precious time on Pinterest without feeling guilty) I found some beautiful childrens bedroom ideas that have made me…

1) less sad about needing to redecorate the nursery

2) want to redesign my own bedroom!

Floor cushions

Don’t think shapeless bean bags. I’m talking about chunky knit floor cushions and mini poufs. They double up as excellent den making aides as well as handy crash landing pads. If you want to make the room really trendy, pop a tipi over the cushions to create a cosy den or reading area!

Colourful Floor Cushions

Rattan and woven storage baskets

Storage basket is potentially the least chic word in the dictionary, but until you’ve tried chucking things in these, you can’t fully appreciate the beauty of this idea. No longer confined to magazine rack or laundry basket territory, natural rattan and woven baskets are being used everywhere. From pot coverings for your large house plants to cute toy baskets.

If you’re short on space and don’t have room for a basket you can get the same (if not a prettier) effect by using a large woven beach basket. They make the perfect place to store toys, or just odds and ends you’d rather not stand on barefoot whilst vacuuming. There are some amazing bargains in TK-MAX right now, online and instore, with loads of pom-pom/tassel/cactus/cute slogan adorned beach bags and baskets. Then when you go on holiday they can double up as the family day trip bag!

Wooven Storage Basket

Textured or natural fibre rugs

A natural fibre rug is perfect for a childrens bedroom. They can help to soften and brighten a room with wooden flooring, as well as providing somewhere soft for little feet to land after leaving the bed! Natural fibre rugs can also help to hide any stains, don’t tend to absorb odors like other materials, are extremely hard wearing and easy to vacuum and clean. Need I say more?

Natural Fibre Textured Rugs

Blackboard paint

If your children have a penchant for drawing on the walls (show me one that doesn’t!) then designate a whole wall of the room to just that. A creative “safe space”, if you will. You can get blackboard paint from almost anywhere and chunky coloured chalks are perfect for little hands.

This idea isn’t great if you’ve got carpeted flooring as chalk might prove tricky to remove, but if the bedroom has a wooden or wipe clean floor you should be able to remove any chalk easily with a wet cloth.

Randomly, after writing this article I found this image on Pinterest from an interview with Laura Whitmore on Design Mom.It encapsulates many of the suggestions in the article even better than I’d imagined in my mind!