Bathtime or Playtime? Why Not Both!

Though the main reason for and benefit of bathtime is a clean baby, research shows that playing in the bath has huge benefits for your infant beyond cleanliness! If you’re looking for ways to have fun with bathtime but aren’t sure what to do, or how to do it safely, read on for our top playtime tips for baby bathing!

Promote Sensory Awareness

Bathtime is full of exciting and usual smells, sounds, and feelings, all of which help to develop your child’s sensory awareness. Have fun experiencing these together with your child and use language and facial expressions to point them out. Show them the products you’re using, exaggerate sniffing bottles or skin to get the point across - as you show enthusiasm for the experience your child will begin to absorb the feeling and make bathing fun for all! 

Reflective Play

Especially useful for babies who are reluctant to bathe, give your baby a doll or animal toy and show them how to mirror what you’re doing: as you soap up their legs, they can soap the legs on the doll, and so forth. This will help your child to learn and feel comfortable with the process of bathing, and help them to associate routine with play!

Lead by Example

One great way to play with your baby in the bath is to get in it yourself! The skin to skin contact, as well as shared experience, will help to nurture the bond between you and your baby, and can help you to invent games together! Another great option, if you have older children, is to bathe your children together and allow the older child to show their younger sibling how and what to play.

Colour Play

If bathtime is less about cleanliness and more about fun, think about introducing bath-safe colours. You can use specially made products, but food dye will do the trick just as well! Give your infant clear cups with different colours of food dye inside and let them pour them into the bath to change the colours! 

Make it Narrative

A great way to play together with a young child is to make up silly songs or stories as you go. Exaggerate your facial expressions, try out different voices and actions, and have fun with it! You don’t need to be a professional singer or storyteller - just remember that your own child is your biggest fan and your entire audience, so there’s no need to be shy!

Toys, Toys, Toys!

The right bath toys can help your child not only to have fun and enjoy bathtime, but also develop their motor and cognitive skills. Check out our full Bathtime range, from fun Wobblers that bob around in the bath to the Slide Set which allows your child to drop easy-to-grip animal rocks down the slide and into the bath, a good toy can keep your child endlessly entertained - and provide inspiration for main characters for your songs and stories!