Baby Shower Gifts that Mum & Baby Will Love

Baby showers have got pretty big in the last few years. Thanks to traditions in America that have now spread across the pond, expectant mothers and fathers to be benefit from a special celebration to welcome their baby into the world. I wasn’t 100% sure on the idea (I hate being the centre of attention) until my friends threw me a baby shower and I realised what a great idea they actually are!

A baby shower is the time you get to properly catch up with friends before the final months of pregnancy and birth. After the baby is born, you often end up way too tired or busy to get together and have a good time with friends, so this is the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with your best ones!

It’s also become a bit of a tradition to bring along a card or gift for the new baby, or something for the parents to help ease them into being a new parent. This isn’t always necessary of course, but sometimes people wish to contribute something as a special gesture.

Whether you’re having a baby shower for Mum or both parents, I’ve put together a few baby shower gifts for all budgets that everyone will love.

Finnish Baby Box

This is a brilliant idea from Finland that people here in the UK are just picking up on, with Scotland having now taking up the idea. For 75 years, very expectant mother in Finland has been given a baby box containing a new baby’s starter kit of clothes sheets and even toys. The box containing the items doubles up as a bed for the first months of the child’s life.

The scheme has been such a success that it has even been credited with helping Finland achieve one of the world’s lowest infant mortality rates.

Mothers outside of countries that receive the box love the idea so much that they have been buying Finnish style baby boxes for themselves, like this one from Finnish Baby Box. The clothes are in modern Swedish gender neutral styles and each item is of high quality, tailored to provide many of the things you’ll need for a baby in the first year.

Cute Bamboo Baby Blanket

What could be more lovely than a soft, natural baby blanket made from 100% bamboo. These lovely blankets get softer with every wash and make a beautiful and super practical gift for parents to be!

Wipe Clean Changing Mat

There are lots of super cute changing mats out there, but the best ones are wipe clean! Use a bit of gentle soap or eco friendly biodegradable wipes to clean down if it gets dirty. Shoving a changing mat cover into the wash every time it needs cleaning is far too much effort and totally impractical. Instead of PVC you could opt for mats made with natural latex rubber. You could try one like this, with a washable cover.

Set of Cotton Flannels, Cot Sheets & Linens.

This may sound boring but you can never have enough of these when you’ve got a newborn! You can find plain white cotton flannels, cot sheets and linens almost anywhere but look for good quality ones that will stand wash after wash. Sometimes the practical presents really are the best ones and it’s guaranteed that these will be a lifesaver multiple times over.

Eco-Friendly Nappies

For the environmentally conscious, one use nappies are a nightmare! At the same time, washing soiled nappies can get pretty gross. Fortunately, you can now get bio-degradable nappies made with sustainable or naturally derived materials like these ones by Kit & Kin.

Cute & Safe Teether

Teething can start from as young as three months, so a cute teether is a perfect baby shower gift for parents. The Matchstick Monkey teether is made from BPA free, FDA and CE certified food grade silicone so it’s not only super cute, it’s 100% safe for babies to gnaw on!

The cute monkeys come in loads of different colours and are beautifully packaged. They’re the perfect shape to get to a baby’s gums safely and they can be used as the perfect teething gel applicator. They’re also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning!

Sheepskin Liner

This is a pretty luxury gift but if your baby is due at the start of winter, this sheepskin liner can go anywhere and it‘s the perfect thing to keep them warm!

Bag of Snacks

No one tells you that breastfeeding makes you damn starving! When you’re sat for hours on end attached to your baby, what could be better than a box of yummy snacks? Go for a mix of healthy and not so healthy options for mum to nibble on.

Disco Ball

“Disco ball for a baby? of course!” Hmm, that may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but babies love to look at moving lights. This is one thing that will help you get through an entire meal using both hands, instead of constantly needing one for the baby! Something like this disco ball is perfect and it adds an interesting atmosphere to your evenings!