6 of the Best Newborn Gift Ideas for New Mums and Babies

Celebrating the arrival of a friend’s baby is one of the nicest things. It’s only natural if you want to show your support for her new adventure by giving her family something that will make their new life that little bit easier!

There’s also that (secret) part of me that hopes when the baby is older, their parents will exclaim something like:

Do you know, your wonderful auntie Katie got you that amazing [whateveritis] and [tick any of the following] you just loved it / it was so helpful / we just don’t know what we would have done without it!”

Having children myself has made me feel a bit more confident in predicting the essence of a great (and practical) newborn gift for mum and baby!

A Food Care Package

It’s true that the less you need to think about yourself once you’ve had a baby, the easier it is. Carting a new baby to the shops to get your weekly groceries isn’t ideal, especially after a difficult birth or a caesarean section. Ordering food online, if you’re not used to it, can also take precious time!

Are you a good cook? Why not make few homemade meals, popping them in tupperware and depositing them in your friends freezer? She can use them when she’s too tired to cook and needs something filling and nutritious. It’s simple but such a lovely and helpful thing to do!

If you’re not the greatest chef, maybe gift a voucher for a food delivery box service (there are reviews of some of the best here). This means, at least for a while, all mum will need to think about is baby when it comes to food. Usually you can get great deals as a first time subscriber, so shop around for deals.

Teething Gift Set

Matchstick Monkey Pink Gift Set

Although a newborn baby may seem a million years away from getting their first teeth - they’re REALLY not. Teething can be a bit of a minefield as every child is different, so being prepared with everything you could need is a perfect present for mum and baby!

This is why we’ve put together a full Matchstick Monkey teething kit to help with those first little teeth! The kit includes the newest dancing monkey version of our acclaimed teether, featured in Vogue. You’ll also find our cute knitted monkey toy and organic cotton muslin with handy teething label designed especially for little mouths.

A Nursery Rhyme Book

Singing with your baby helps them learn words and interact with you as they listen to your voice. Unfortunately, by the time you have a baby, like most of us you’ll have forgotten many of the favourite nursery rhymes you heard or sang as a child. This is the perfect way to reconnect with your own childhood, whilst bonding with your little one. 

Nappy Bag

Nappy Bag

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - these nappy bags by Pacapod are so stylish, they’d make any fashion mag editor wish they could have “baby” as accessory of the season. Not only are they gorgeous, they’re practical and hide a multitude of mess inside a heavenly exterior.

They come in loads of different styles, materials and price points too. Along with a link to packing a nappy bag like a ninja  - this is number 1 on my gift giving wishlist and a great one to chip in with a group.

Ps. I’m not getting paid to promote Pacapod - I just like their bags.

A Musical Lightbox

Babies love looking at moving lights and twinkling objects. Coupled with music, it sets the perfect atmosphere to sooth little ones to sleep or calm them when they’re upset. It can also be useful to put on in an attempt to eat your dinner with two hands.

A Luxury Baby Bath Towel

Baby Bath Towel

There are some really cute and snuggly baby bath towels listed here in the Independent, but out favourite has to be Liewood Augusta Rabbit Towel. It’s so cute and it comes in a range of cool modern Nordic colours.