6 Cute Toddler’s Birthday Cake Ideas

I don’t know how good your memory was when you were a toddler (I’m not one of those amazing people that can remember things from when they were two) and I sure can’t remember any of my birthday cakes! Most toddlers love cake though and if they’re old enough to be able to eat some, it’s something really cute to have at your child’s birthday. Even if they’re not old enough to have a slice yet, the grown ups can. It’s sometimes the highlight of attending kids birthdays as an adult, at least, it’s a great excuse to eat cake - not that I need one, personally! Although I much prefer natural sugars than processed ones for my little ones, a little bit now and again doesn’t stress me out.

I popped together a quick list of my favourite cake ideas. There’s a mix of traditional sugary confection, make your own, organic and also healthy options. They’re all so cute, I think I might like one for my birthday!

Rainbow Birthday Cake

Rainbow Cake

Supermarkets usually have an amazing range of cake for kids parties. This M&S cake is more expensive than your usual supermarket cake but it’s really pretty, especially when you cut it open!

Fresh Fruit Cake

If you’re not keen on sugar making an appearance, why not try making a birthday cake from fruit? There are some great ideas on Pinterest that got me thinking about this, although some designs are much more elaborate than I think I could manage! Try trimming the skin from watermelons and pineapples to create these stunning cakes then decorating them with berries and candles.

Make your own professional cake

If you’re looking for something really special and you’re also a bit creative, you could check out the cake kits by Craft and Crumb on Yumbles. They give you all the kit and instructions you need to create some amazing cakes, from dinosaur dens to rainbow unicorns. The ingredients are organic and unrefined and if you want, you can order the gluten free sponge mix - perfect if you have any celiacs at the party.

Treasure Island Birthday Cake
Homemade Hedgehog Cake

You don’t need a kit to make your own cake though, Rebecca Brett at Delicious Magazine has an easy recipe to make your own chocolate hedgehog cake. Kids love all kinds of animals so having a cute animal themed cake is going to be a winner on any child’s birthday.

Hedgehog Birthday Cake

Banana Pancake Cake

This is one of my absolute favourites if you want something that looks and tastes amazing but is still nutritious. Their are loads of recipies for variations on banana pancakes online so this one is also super easy to make. Make a huge stack of banana pancakes using just bananas, eggs and some oats or unrefined flour to help them hold together. Then pour on some dark chocolate or maple syrup and top with colourful berries!

Chocolate Banana Pancake Cake

Ice Cream Cake

If you can’t have a birthday party without ice cream, this is the perfect way to serve it. I’ve always loved ice cream cake but although it’s popular in America, it’s sometimes hard to get hold of in the UK. You can order them from branches of Ben & Jerry’s or try out a DIY recipe online. There’s a couple of ideas for ice cream cake here if you want to try and make your own!

I’d love to see some pictures of the cakes you had at your toddler's birthday !

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We’ll give away a prize of one Matchstick Monkey teether to the winning cake!

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